Fiery I-15 crash near Malad blocks traffic – Local News 8

Traffic on Interstate 15 was blocked north of Malad after an accident involving a deer, a car and a truck Thursday morning.

Idaho State Police said Stephanie Viteri, 21, of Herriman, Utah, was driving a 2011 Nissan Altima northbound when she hit a deer, disabling the car in the right lane.

Donald R. House, 55, of Howe, Idaho, who driving a UPS truck hauling three trailers, struck Viteri’s car from behind.

Are Your Packages Really More Secure With UPS’ New Access Point Service? – Consumerist

Last October, United Parcel Service announced it would attempt to cut down on delivery stops and protect consumers’ packages from sticky fingers with its Access Point service that drops off packages at local businesses where you can pick them up at your convenience. While the idea seems great in theory – who doesn’t want to protect their unattended packages? – in practice, it appears there are still a few kinks to work out: Mainly that people aren’t aware of the service, and the packages may not be as secure as we’d hoped.

UPS to pay $25M for false delivery claims – USA Today

Package-delivery giant UPS will pay more than $25 million to settle charges it submitted false claims to the federal government in connection with delivery of Next Day Air overnight packages, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.

UPS provides delivery services to hundreds of federal agencies through contracts with the General Services Administration and U.S. Transportation Command, which supports Department of Defense agencies. The company guaranteed next-day delivery of packages by specified times under those contracts, federal officials said.

However, UPS concealed the company’s repeated failure to meet those delivery guarantees from 2004 to 2014, federal prosecutors said. The subterfuge allegedly prevented government customers for seeking refunds for late deliveries.

Statement about UPS Policy Regarding Shipment of Silencers

UPS accepts for shipment certain firearms, firearms ammunition and firearms accessories as long as the shipments comply with applicable law and are shipped in accordance with company policies. These shipments must be between licensed manufacturers, dealers, collectors and importers and government agencies, or, where not otherwise prohibited by law, between such licensees and individuals, but exclude consumer-to-consumer shipments. UPS has for many years restricted shipments of silencers or mufflers as part of the company’s firearms and ammunition policy. The company’s general policy is available at the following link.