UPS Applauds Introduction of Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority

UPS CEO David Abney Urges Quick Passage to Seize Upcoming Opportunities

UPSĀ® (NYSE: UPS), a global logistics provider and leading advocate for global trade, commends Chairman Orrin Hatch and Ranking Member Ron Wyden as well as Chairman Paul Ryan on the introduction of “The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015,” Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation, that will break down barriers to trade and help to open the door to new markets for consumers and businesses, large and small.

3 Ways FedEx Corporation and United Parcel Service Inc. Businesses Are Changing

Changing end markets
The big three changes since the last recession are:

  • A strong increase in business-to-consumer, or B2C, e-commerce-based package deliveries as online shopping increases in popularity
  • Customers increasingly prefer cheaper, less time sensitive deliveries over faster, more expensive options.
  • Increasing protectionst trade policies by governments worldwide are causing growth in global trade (trade between countries) to lag domestic GDP growth. This is not great news for transportation companies.

UPS driver saves choking woman – Fox Atlanta

UPS driver David Bryant was following his route through John’s Creek early Tuesday when he came across something unexpected. Near the intersection of Medlock Bridge and Abbot’s Bridge Roads, Bryant spotted a car stopped on the shoulder. Lying on the ground was an elderly woman choking on a piece of food.

Bryant got out of his delivery truck and performed the Heimlich maneuver while the woman’s daughter called 911. Luckily, the 83-year-old victim was able to dislodge that piece of food. Paramedics then took her to a local hospital.

UPS Ranked No. 1 in Top 50 Logistics Listing

UPSĀ® (NYSE:UPS) is ranked No. 1 on Transport Topics’ Top 50 Logistics Companies in a listing due out today. This marks the sixth time in the last 10 years UPS has landed the top spot.

The rankings will be available on, coinciding with Transport Topics’ LiveOnWeb program airing at 12 p.m. EST. Alan Amling, UPS vice president of global logistics and distribution, will be featured on the program discussing the ranking and industry trends.

UPS to invest $1.06 billion in Europe: Wirtschaftswoche – Reuters

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS.N) plans to invest 1 billion euros ($1.06 billion) in Europe to expand its package delivery network, German magazine Wirtschaftswoche reported on Sunday, without citing its sources.

“We will strongly expand our network in Germany and the rest of Europe,” the magazine quoted UPS Germany chief Frank Sportolari as saying in the article, adding the number of parcel shops and sorting centers would rise with the investment.