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  1. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    Does vacation pay always come on Fridays? I have direct deposit, will vacation also be DD or a live check?
    I've heard vacation pay normally comes a couple weeks before the actual scheduled vacation. I didn't schedule the time off until a couple weeks before my vacation.

    Forgot I had a couple weeks to use before peak and just scheduled a few weeks ago.
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    Your vacation check with be direct deposited just like a regular paycheck. Vacation checks are paid 2 weeks before your scheduled week(s) off.

    Being that you just picked it recently...I'd talk to your center manager about your pay for that week, to make sure you get it. Most of us picked this year's vacation weeks last year.
  3. Austin.Was.My.Hero

    Austin.Was.My.Hero quod erat demonstrandum

    I (finally) reached my one year anniversary, have never scheduled vacation time so my boss came up and told me I had a couple weeks to use.

    Heading out of state this weekend and a few extra bucks in the bank would be reassuring but hopefully not necessary.
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    Note, since you're new around these parts, they don't carry over till next year. Plus, I'm sure, if you just love being around this place, you can ask to get paid for your weeks, and just go ahead and work straight through. Mine always hit at midnight thurs/fri.
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    Like I to your center manager asap to make sure you are paid.
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    Pay for properly scheduled vacations is in your account two weeks before the Friday of the first vacation week. If you have DD your vacation pay will be DD.
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