How many hours do you have to work for the health ins?

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    How many hours do you need to work to not be billed for health ins? I live in mass and I'm on the blue cross blue shield plan. I have been taking a lot of voluntary days off but I don't want to end up getting a bill. Someone told me I had to average 250 hrs a quarter which seems pretty high. Someone told me to hit 900 hours for the year. And someone else told me I have to average 17.5 hrs a week. Anyone know the answer thanks!
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    I heard one day a week.
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    17.5/week is your daily guarantee so I don't think it would be that high.
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    As long as you have one punch a will keep your health insurance. But you need I believe 750hours for the year to count towards your pension.
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    When I was a casual driver we had to work 36 days in a quarter to get benefits for the next quarter.
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    They just did a PCM about that and you are right, instead of one day a month, it is now one day a week.
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    In Massachusetts they don't have a one punch rule. If your part-time you need 250 hours in a quarter to get benefits. After that you need 80 hours a month. However, if you work your 3.5 guarantee, they have to pay in 4 hours worth of benefits so your only required to work 17.5 hours a week. If you give up your guarantee and go home early you only get benefits paid in for actual hours worked. Important thing to know, if you work 3 days in the week and then get laid off for the other 2 days, UPS has to pay in 20 hours of benefits, but if you volunteer, or agree to take a day off, they only pay in for actual hours worked. You can also carry over your hours in excess of the 80 hours incase your short hours, the excess hours expire after 90 days.
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    Southern Supplement says this as well
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