How many hours until overtime in a warehouse.

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  1. How many hours would i have to work until I start to get time and a half as preload? And if i take a vacation day how many hours do i get paid for?
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    Are you new? Then you get OT after 40 hours in a week. If you made book....then It's OT after 5 hours a day. This may vary by local.

    Do you have any vacation days available? DOUBT IT. But if you did....and could take a day if it wasn't are paid for 4 hours. Look at the bottom of your will list any paid time off you have available....if any.
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  4. Thanks. And no i dont I have only been here 5 months.
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    Then dream on about taking vacation days. It's peak.
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    Then you should be paid for OT for any time you work past 5hrs a day.
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    Also if you work a 6th day all hours would be OT. 7th day is double time. Very possible during Peak.
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  8. I dont have any vacation days to take so i have been.
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    Again, that depends on your supplement.
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    I remember when our supplement said Saturday was time and a half and Sunday was double time. Changed when UPS started Saturday and Sunday Feeder runs.
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    I doubt you can get a day off, with out it counting against you, until the end of January.
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    What article is that in national?
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    Here after 5hrs it's OT for that day. I hope to get a couple today. OT for a long time pter is good pay
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    So much fun too!
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    This is true only if you do not agree to double shift.
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    After 5 hours. OT