Media Bias

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I have a friend of mine that is a copy editor at CNN in Atlanta. Back when Ronald Reagin passed away, she stated that they had to be ordered to write nice things about him that week. No wonder FOX News has been so successful!
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    debunked or disputed?
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    Liberal media bias.

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  7. you can thank the gov't censors for couples always being seen in single beds.
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    Good point.
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    I happen to find the Fox News link one of the easiest to navigate....Everytime I go looking for a certain story that I know exists, I can't find it on CNN, so I gave up going there.
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    You can't find it anywhere else because FOX has spun it into something so far removed from the truth that nobody else can even recognize it.
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    You wouldn't know, by your own admission you have no idea what the article was about.
    The First Amendment only counts when 0bama wants it too.
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    Tingles: “Cruel” Republicans Want “People Without Insurance To Die On The Gurney”…

    Chris Matthew Republican Want You To Die on the Gurney - YouTube#!

    This is the list of things Tingles claims Republicans want to see happen:
    1. They want more people to fry, they love executions.
    2. The want people who don’t have insurance to die on the gurney.
    3. They want gay soldiers to be booed.
    4. They want people’s homes to be foreclosed on.
    5. They want teachers, firemen and cops to lose their jobs.
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    And dont forget #6...they want Rapes to go up too.
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    Finally, someone explains Chris Matthews....................

    A stupid man's report of what a clever man says
    is never accurate because he unconsciously
    translates what he hears...

    ...into something he can understand