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    I just recently applied for UPS Seasonal Driver position and I passed the Road Test and DOT physical for the north east region. I'm completing training and I'm studying 5 & 10's DOK and preparing for the 4 day training course. I fully intend to become a loader after the seasonal volume drops and I look forward to snagging a driver position when one becomes available. I found out about this website while researching about a UPS career before I applied. If anyone is wondering, my road test was on a diesel package delivery car, no air brakes and a 5 speed spicer transmission.


    Future Brown
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    Busting your butt for the next two months will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.

    Good luck.
  3. Yeah right, UPS will drag you along until they either don't need you anymore or by some miracle after several holiday seasons have pity on you and make you permanent. You numbers mean crap, I scratched almost every day. I was sent home on my 39th day on the road and now I find out I will be brought back as seasonal. They use you. Unless you have another source of income, don't count on this one until you are permanent which can take over a year. At least that's for my center in NY.
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    Funny .. Isn't that what many of us told you weeks ago when you first posted about getting sent home on your 40th day?
  5. Yes Unfortunately I have learned the hard way that a man's word no longer means anything.