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    Natural Magic Odor Air Magnet...

    Used by firemen in houses that have had a fire.....gets the stink out.
    It absorbs odor rather than masking it like perfume.

    When I used to smoke, we were selling our house and the realtor said it smelled like smoke. I placed one of these on each floor and she couldn't smell smoke the next time she came over.

    More recently we suggested it to a neighbor whose beagle rolled in skunk and then trotted through the house. We could smell it at our house was so strong.

    It took a couple days and a couple packages, but it worked on the skunk odor too.

    You can get it at places like Lowe's, Home depot....we got it at DeNault's Hardware (local place). It's online too.

    Good stuff !
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    Good Life Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

    It's an electronic pest controller. Covers about 5000 sq. ft. Ultrasonic waves. Plugs in to a regular outlet. Safe for pets.
    I saw spiders every so I'll see one maybe once every 6 mos. I freak out over spiders.

    We have one unit in our house. It works.
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    Terro Ant Killer....

    Ants come in maybe once a year here and they eat this stuff and carry it back to the nest and it kills the queen and then they're gone.
    When you see an ant trail, put some of this liquid on a piece of cardboard.......(postage stamp size)

    The ants will come to it, eat it and carry it back. Don't freak trying to kill all the ants you see. Just let them do their thing. It might take a few days, but they will disappear.

    We tried the Terro Ant Traps, but we like the liquid better.

    It really works!
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    Many of the ladies on BC speak highly of the Hitachi Magic Wand massager.
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    Trust me it works.
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    images-140.jpeg A must have for any feeder more twinkie
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    No Ho Hos?
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    Nah.. images-85.jpegdonut?
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    I'm definitely sensing a trend toward comments aimed at feeder drivers on this site. I resemble that remark!

    1BROWNWRENCH Amatuer Malthusian

    ANY ants?
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    They're just jealous because we make the most for doing the least.

    Crack all the jokes you want. Just make sure you get my trailer loaded on time , funny people.
  12. Only one feeder per page please!
    Their isn't room for more than one!

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    BAZINGA! "I'll be here all night, folks!"
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    What's a trailer look like....they have packages in those??? lol and you guys work hard... those Hostess cakes are tricky to unwrap with one hand while turning up the AC! :)
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    Who would have guessed Billy Mays was a cokehead?
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    bleedinbrown58 mouth breathers...everywhere prevent feedah accidents...:bigsmile2:
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    You'd have to read the packaging on that (or go online) but we just had the tiny black ants and it worked fine on them.

    Here's the site...
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    The point behind this thread is to save others the time and MONEY of trying things that don't work. Saying that feeder drivers don't work is not what I had in mind.

    Try open mic night at your local comedy club.....but don't give up your REAL job.