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    well after leaving ups about a 1yr ago for a way better job, as far as insurance and time off without the hassle i was currently offered a return to ups for local sort spot, my question is does anyone know the starting pay for a new hire on local sort. in the southern louisiana region thanks in advance.:funny:
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    Let me get this straight--you left UPS for a "way better job" about a year ago yet don't know the starting pay? Also, I highly doubt that the insurance plan at your "way better job" is superior to that offered at UPS. Yes, you have to wait a year for yourself and 18 months for your family, but once that waiting period is over you are set.

    I still think they should have a two-tiered pay rate at the PT level, a lower one for those who want the insurance and a higher one for those still covered by Mommy and Daddy.
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    Before you quit your current job, I would make sure you are eligible to be rehired. Most people who leave UPS are not.
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    I am not leaving my current job because its a 7-330 job and yes the insurance is way better. I currently work for the public school system doing Plumbing maintence, and if the insurance wasn't there just the time off alone is better so u do the math but any way i will get rehired because they got in touch with me asking if i would come back, so i said why not. :happy-very:
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    Excellent, good luck!
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    thanks brother in brown lol