UPS Pension Lump Sum Payment

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  1. Ruarlman

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    I'm a 44yo Single Guy that worked 8years part time and 6 Years Full Time...My monthly pension is supposed to be like $815per month...Im praying that I can clear $125K after taxes...I can pay off my mortgages and Bills..Im Young enough that I can start saving $1K Per month..Especially after not having any bills...i wonder how many years will they try to pau us for
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but it turns out the offer is only for your part time pension.
  3. Namoric

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    Unless your F/T was also non-union. I can tell you that your offer will be close to 30k based on the numbers I've seen
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    What's the website address for the pension?
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  6. stephieclion

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    Did you receive a letter? My letter had the amount in it
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    My offer was 65k, 16 years full time non-union. 4 years management.
    Part time employment counts for half year, I.e...4 years part time employment counts as 2 years.
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    What was your job title?
  9. Leeann

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    Admin Asst, grade 6 for most yrs then promoted supervisor last 4.