what is the status of house bill on reclassification of fed- ex???

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    Company was all gun ho on informing folks on a regular basis about this and now nothing has been said for a couple of months. Has the bill been killed or is it going to be looked at again later?
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    Re: anyone else having trouble with "what is the status of house bill on reclassifica

    I bet the election of Scott Brown killed any life it may have had. Congratulations.:surprised::happy2:
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    Re: anyone else having trouble with "what is the status of house bill on reclassifica

    Last I heard (before the Mass special election), the reclassification is not included in the Senates version of the bill.
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    Last I heard the language we're looking for is in the bill that passed the house but is not in the senate version. The bills will have to be reconciled before final passage so it's not in or out yet. Who knows when they'll get to it.
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    The Democrats need at least a 67 seat majority to pass anything in the Senate, therefore the bill will never pass the Senate with the Fed ex clause in it. Maybe in 2042 we will have another shot at passing a similar bill :angry:
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    67? Where the hell did you get that number from?

    Two-thirds is only required to override a Presidential veto. If the President was vowing to veto the bill, Sen. Reid and House Speaker Pelosi never would have brought it to the floor.
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    The Senate often needs a super-majority to pass anything because of the risk of a filibuster.

    I received a letter from my senator, who said that the clause we are interested in did not make it past commitee. That means it's not happening for us.