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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by upstatebuckethead, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. upstatebuckethead

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    If I started driving school on 4/15/2013 is that my full time driver start date? I have worked with this company since 09/2000. I was in p/t management from 09/2005 until 4/15/2013 when I became a union employee again. Im in the three year progression and when I first started driving my center manager told me that my full time driver start date is when I started driving school. Now Im being told that my top pay progression will start on 4/30/16. I have called two different HR representatives and they gave me two different full time start dates. I have asked my center manager to help me get to the bottom of this for 5 straight days and he still hasn't found anything out for me. My shop steward doesn't know and fellow drivers don't know. Who should I go to next?
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    I thought it was the day you delivered your first ground package...at least that's when your progression starts
  3. dookie stain

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    Write down every single date of every thing you do...you ask five different sups/hr people you'll get five different answers
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    My Center manager and full time sups told me that my full-time and progression starts with driver school. I don't know if that is because I came from p/t management compared to a p/t hourly employee
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    Call your business agent
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    They did that to me years ago, but I kept my 1st full time pay stub, and that got my seniority date back to what it was
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    Look back on your paystubs, when did you get your raises, that should tell you when you'll get your next one.
  8. Scottyhawk

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    Your seniority date is the first day you drive after driver orientation class