Will 2016 Be United Parcel Service's Worst Year Yet?

Discussion in 'The Latest UPS Headlines' started by cheryl, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. cheryl

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  2. upschuck

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    They seem to always predict doom and gloom for UPS. We are also not United Parcel Service anymore either.
  3. Packmule

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    I only worry during and right after contract years.
  4. rod

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    something has to give sometime----They already dropped the "Service" part and the troops are a long way from being United. Come to think of it they are giving the Parcel part to the Post Office and alternate drop points.
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  5. bbsam

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    Not really. UPS has been a darling of Motley Fool for years. They nearly never have a negative word to print about them.
  6. upschuck

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    I think they always pump FedEx over UPS.
  7. Crazy Diamond

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    I heard Motley Fool was the sire of BrownCafe.