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    Published on 10-25-2013 07:11 AM
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    UPS Info for UPSers Daily Volume To Increase in Compressed 2013 Holiday Season; 55,000 Seasonal Employees To Be Hired

    With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, UPS expects to pick-up over 34 million packages globally on its peak day, December 16. There are 26 shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, six fewer than last year making it the most compressed holiday season since 2002. Overall, UPS expects peak season daily volume to increase by 8% this year.

    The National Retail Federation is predicting a 3.9% increase in U.S. holiday sales. The continued consumer shift toward global e-commerce is driving higher demand for shipping services. UPS expects to see stronger holiday package activity during peak online shopping periods.
    Published on 10-25-2013 07:11 AM
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    UPS Info for UPSers U.S. Domestic Leads with Operating Profit Up 16%
    E-commerce Drives U.S. Domestic Results
    International Export Daily Volume Grows 6.7%; Deferred products up 11%
    SC&F Operating Profit Increased 6.9%,Operating Margin Expands to 8.9%
    YTD: $4.6 Billion in Shareowner Distributions and $3.6 Billion in Free Cash Flow
    Maintains Full-Year 2013 Adjusted EPS Guidance of $4.65 to $4.85

    UPS announced diluted earnings per share of $1.16 for the third quarter of 2013, a 9.4% improvement over adjusted results for the same period last year. Total revenue was $13.5 billion, up 3.4% driven primarily by U.S. e-commerce shipments and strong European export growth.

    For the three months ended Sept. 30, 2013, UPS delivered more than one billion packages worldwide, an increase of 4.6% over the prior-year period.
    Published on 10-24-2013 09:10 AM

    UPS Info for UPSers Will UPS Earnings Soar Past Those of FedEx? - Motley Fool

    United Parcel Service will release its quarterly report on Friday, and investors have been pleased with the delivery service stock's ascent to all-time record high levels. With the economy continuing to show signs of recovery, UPS earnings should grow this quarter. But the bigger question is whether the shipping giant can continue to hold rival FedEx in check as the key holiday season approaches.

    The big unknown for UPS coming into the holiday season is the status of its labor union contracts. Earlier this year, the company successfully negotiated a national master contract with union employees, but several key local unions still haven't approved their own agreements. In particular, the union that represents workers at UPS's Louisville Worldport hub has voted against its contract and still needs to negotiate and vote on a supplemental contract. Investors have based their bullish views on a favorable resolution to the conflict, but anything other than an ideal resolution could hurt the business at its most important time of year.
    Published on 10-24-2013 08:41 AM
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    UPS Info for UPSers UPS expected to show gain in 3Q profit - Yahoo

    United Parcel Service Inc. is expected to report higher profit and revenue on Friday when it issues third-quarter results before the market opens, but investors will be looking for clues as to how it's adapting to customer preferences for cheaper shipping options.

    WHAT TO WATCH FOR: UPS has been benefiting from growth in online shopping but has been hurt by a trend among international customers that are switching from pricey priority air deliveries to slower but cheaper shipping services.
    Published on 10-23-2013 07:38 AM
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    UPS Info for UPSers UPS Will Deliver the Goods This Christmas - Motley Fool

    This Christmas shopping season will show the least retail growth in years, according to ShopperTrak, whose forecasts last month indicated that sales will rise by just 2.4% this year, compared to 3% last year, 4% in 2011, and 3.8% in 2010. Moreover, total retail store traffic will decrease slightly compared to last year.

    While ShopperTrak's data also finds that well over 90% of all retail transactions will still be made in-store, it does suggest that the online shopping experience will continue growing in importance. Although certain e-tailers will be natural beneficiaries of this trend, the surprise winner this holiday season could be Big Brown: package delivery specialist UPS

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