UPS: If The Founders Were Alive Today – Seeking Alpha


  • UPS founders would be alarmed at capex, buybacks, debt and pension.
  • Ratios, while far from conclusive, offer a starting point for a conversation about current leadership decision making.
  • Lead up to and during May 2018 annual shareholder meeting would be an opportune time.

UPS stops deliveries to Juniper Acres, citing safety concerns – KTVZ

UPS Inc. has stopped delivering packages to Juniper Acres, a rural community in Central Oregon, over “safety concerns.” Instead, they are being dropped off at the Alfalfa Store.

“That was a business decision on UPS’s part, whether to go in there or not, and I think they based that decision on the fact that they told us some of their drivers have been threatened by firearms,” the sheriff said. “One driver had a dog sicced on him. That was not reported to us at the time or we would have investigated. So they made their business decision based on that.”