1. ProudDaddy41

    Driver next to me is on the 9.5 (On Topic)

    (On topic) They are always making sure they file a grievance to remain on the 9.5, but in all actuality they’re just a lazy ass. Consistently 2 1/2 hrs over, so who here actually believes that UPS is screwing them and it’s not the other way around? They are screwing both UPS and their fellow...
  2. Over70irregs

    9.5 New Tentative Contract Language?

    New possbile 9.5 language, any thoughts? Weak 9.5 Deal is No Solution
  3. I

    9.5 driving under 4 years

    Been driving for under 4 years. I was put on the same route for 5 consecutive days. So I filled to be on the 9.5 list. I talked to our BA and pretty much told me that I'm only 9.5 on that specific route. I don't see anything on that contract that reads that I'm 9.5 only on that route. Where is...
  4. I

    Article 37 9.5

    Option one is the most common option to file 9.5 if overworked on the same route. Option 2 says "that employees bid or assigned to cover a route for a full week but is prevented from completing that assignment due to reassignment by the employer." Management does this all time. They put a...
  5. The Man

    How does the 9-5 list work?

    I'm curious i would love to be on the list, but i feel like i would just get on the radar for management. If someone knows about the list, can you please explain?