1. Over70irregs

    Who put their UPS stub online? C’mon bro 🤦‍♀️…….

    Why bro? Looking for haterade..
  2. J

    Vacation and Worker's Comp

    I live in the Southern Region and would like to know if I still get my vacation time next year even though I'm on worker's comp. It'd be pretty messed up if I lost my benefits due to an injury that UPS caused.
  3. D

    PVD Driver & Unemployment benefits?

    Hey everyone, I'm in a shifty situation and I would like to hear what y'all have to say. As the title says I'm a seasonal PVD driver for the winter, with hours fluctuating up and down these last two months. I got sick awhile back and due to the pandemic, I took it upon myself to get tested...
  4. J

    Where are the benefits?

    Hello all. So, I've been with UPS 3 years now and during my first, I saw lots of different benefits ranging from car deals, to food deals, and even phone deals. I currently have my phone plan reduced due to one of these plans. However, I went online today to view these again and I cannot seem...
  5. L

    Retiree Coverage Promised To Husband But Now He Is Disabled

    I'm not sure if I'm in the correct place but I need help and can't get it. My husband was not a union employee so I don't know if I'm I should be here. My husband was at UPS for 36 years. Once he was in management he was always told Aetna will always be your primary insurance until you are 65...
  6. E

    New Contract and Benefits for PT Pre-Load Sorter

    Hi my name is Grace and I work as a part time pre-load sorter at the facility in Chantilly, VA. I was told by HR when I was hired that I would begin to accrue sick leave, vacation leave, and personal time after 9 months with the new contract. Well I'm quickly closing in on my first anniversary...
  7. D

    Full time driver benefits

    how long does it take to get benefits (i.e. insurance, paid holidays, paid time off) once you qualify as a driver and make full time seniority. I’m in the Chesapeake district, Philadelphia area.
  8. A

    Am I Eligible for health benefits now??

    Help plz. I've been bounce around all over the place just to get numbers and no info. I work for ups Feight , start date was July 31 of 2018 , I was told by my Union Stewart that I may be eligible for my benefits now rather than waiting till the 31st of July with the new contract. Can anyone...
  9. D

    Benefits eligibility after different classifications

    i work in the Chesapeake district (Philadelphia area). When am I eligable for benefits? I was a casual package driver working about 50 hours a week November and december of 2018. I was let go in January 2019. Rehired on preload late February of 2019 working about 25 hours a week. On May 9th I...
  10. F

    Looking to make the jump

    Looking for advice,thinking of making the jump from Fedex to UPS as a feeder driver. There is a New building going up in my area and they are looking for permanent full time drivers. Any info provided is appreciated. I have lots of vacation to lose with 20+ years here where I am currently at,but...
  11. IIIIII

    Joining the military

    I’m talking to the marines about joining, made up on my mind on this move just need to hash out the details with them. I plan on talking to my B.A this week to find out local details or past practice in this situation. I was just curious how long does UPS hold my job for? Have you seen them...
  12. Heffalump

    Looking to go into maintenance?

    I know there is a maintenance position open in my hub and I know they are union. Is there a specific way to transfer unions? Do they have the same benefits? Would anyone know any tests you would have to take? This is the option I presented a friend instead of going management.
  13. jlynnp0770

    Trying to figure out union stuff

    I am fairly new to UPS. Started as a driver helper, never really intended to come on permanent, but management kept asking me, so I said yes (best decision for me as I love the morning workouts!). Every time I mention Union at my center, I barely get answers. I just want to know when I become...
  14. J

    PT Sup = :censored:.

    Hello all, I’ve been working the preload for roughly 3 months and one of the what seem like endless ‘bosses’ that I have has been riding me like a race horse since I started. He’s demeaning, condescending, rude and just doesn’t know how to speak to people. I’m never late, do what is asked and...
  15. G


    I'm retiring in 2018. March 1 to be exact. I decided to use all my vacation time..6 weeks beginning the week ending January 6 2018. Do i actually have to work another day in the new year to keep all my benefits or receive my pension????
  16. U


    Is 401k offered to part time employees
  17. R

    Benefits packet

    I was hired as seasonal driver and just received a second packet regarding benefits. Why would I get this? Is it just something they automatically mail out??
  18. R

    Pay Raise, 1 year=1$?

    Hi, I am a uninformed or misinformed employee and I have one concern. I have hit my year in UPS and have gotten my benefit card and everything however, when I started I was told there was a one time raise every year of a dollar. The old contract being a raise every 6 months amounting to a...
  19. T

    Want to get out of UPS.... Torn

    Considering leaving UPS. Looking for some input here.. Im a 20+ year upser. I've been package and now feeder for almost 10yrs. Over the past couple years ive become very disgruntled. Between feeder runs being moved or eliminated all together and drivers bumping me down ive become jaded.. The...
  20. K

    Non-Union Part-Time Positions--any benefits?

    Hi, I am a former union employee (12 years ago), and I have an interview coming up for a part-time non-union job. Are there any benefits for these positions??? Thank you, Karen