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  1. P

    Route Bidding Issues

    So I have a question for any and all out there about Management and bidding out routes. I can never get a straight answer, nor find anything in the Teamsters book so I figured I would reach out to the community. We have a few routes in a center in Arizona and management hasn't bid them out in...
  2. specter208

    22.4 Saturday preffered area or route

    Want opinion. Not sure if this is the same everywhere or if it’s worth talking about with the Union. 22.4s on Saturday at my building are not permitted to use seniority to get on preferred routes or areas. Supervisor picks when and where you are. Asking for something else is not guaranteed...
  3. A

    Bumping question

    can a bid route driver bump a non bid route driver. My understanding is once you bid a route that’s your route everyday and you can no longer jump around like a cover or non bid driver. Is that true and if so what are the exceptions to that rule