1. specter208

    22.4 Saturday preffered area or route

    Want opinion. Not sure if this is the same everywhere or if it’s worth talking about with the Union. 22.4s on Saturday at my building are not permitted to use seniority to get on preferred routes or areas. Supervisor picks when and where you are. Asking for something else is not guaranteed...
  2. B


    So, bids are posted for P&D and filled. Here's the question, #4 bids to the morning dock- effectively making his start time before #1. Since #4 bid to the dock can him/her be sent out on a P&D Route before #5,6,7,8 etc. Has started their shift or even before #2 and #3 . They bid to another...
  3. TakeABreakDriver8

    Training to Non-training route, and vice-versa

    I recently bid and won a route that USED to be a training route but was posted as not a training route (no mention of training route on the bid sheet, manager assured me it’s no longer a training route, etc). What ability do they have to switch it back to a training route at their will? Are...