diad 6

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    No Indirect - Indirect Delivery

    Hey UPSers! I have been repeatedly criticized for not scanning certain packages properly, and upon investigating, I noticed that these packages have the tag "Indirect Delivery." After conducting some tests, I realized that the deliveries are not showing up on the UPS website. Why is this...
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    DIAD 6 Stop List Layout Needs Work - Suggestions / Feedback

    I've talked to a few drivers and it seems like productivity has gone down a bit with the DIAD 6. Though it has many software problems one of my top complaints is the List View options. Classic Mode isn't classic. It lacks crucial call tag and signature info as does compact mode. But verbose mode...
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    Allowances Changed??

    Have my allowances changed on the DIAD 6 and does anyone have a ACTUAL explanation of why or how to get them back to normal??? I know the old DIAD would modify the plan day based on when I hit stop complete, etc, but who has experience with that in the new DIAD?