feeder drivers

  1. J

    Transfer from local 705 to 710

    Ima feeder driver out of local 705 & I was wondering on how to go about a transfer to 710. Would I have to resign and re apply?
  2. Ladytruckdriver513

    feeder driver coding bathroom break

    When your on road and pull over to use the bathroom real quick do you code it? What do you code it as? Do you use YOUR paid 2 ten minute breaks for this?? We females cannot simply pull over and water the tire. We also have lady business every month that men don't have to deal with which...
  3. U

    UPS Freight vs. UPS Feeder Driver etc vs OTR Dedicated vs UPS Air Driver,etc, etc

    I have a current CDL with doubles/triples, hazmat, twic card and been telling everyone and their mother that I have my CDL. I just made Combo Driver (package car) and I'm still in my packet. I took the position as I was looking for full-time work anyway and wanted to secure my spot in UPS. I'm a...
  4. M

    Feeder School

    Afternoon, If I can get some honest answers, I would appreciate it. Going to be starting feeder school soon, and wondering how difficult it is. Coming to school with 25years as a driver and a little nervous about training. Not so much the driving as I am about the pre-trip stuff...
  5. J

    Feeder seasonal road test

    hey guys, I have a road test tomorrow for the seasonal feeder position in NJ, and I’m just trying to figure rue out what to expect. Not sure if UPS runs a pre trip like the dmv does, or if it’s harder or easier. Just trying to be 100% prepared for whatever comes along. Thanks
  6. A

    New Feeder Driver Questions

    Hi all. I am looking at a possible job offer for a feeder driver position in either Harrisburg or Carlisle. Any info y’all can provide would be very much appreciated. I was told the pay progression starts at $21/hr, which is a substantial pay cut for me if there’s no overtime. I’m under the...
  7. cheryl

    King of the hill: an elite group of UPS drivers would get as much as 96 cts per mile in a few years

    King of the hill: an elite group of UPS drivers would get as much as 96 cts per mile in a few years - Freight Waves The sleeper drivers for UPS can look forward at the start of August 2022 to make as much as 96 cts per mile. That was one of the details revealed Monday in a conference call by...
  8. BigJamesBrown

    Casual feeder, holiday feeder, feeder tractor-trailer trailer!

    New Member Hello, I work this past year as a casual feeder driver for the holidays, and was told at the end of the season that I had made the top 10 call back list. Sure enough 4 months later (present time) I get a call from HR asking me if I still wanted the feeder position? Of course I said...
  9. R

    Feeder Newbie

    Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go feeder and question is what are the Scheduled weekdays like? Are the M-friend? T-S? I know it’s on-call to start but I just want to get a clear picture on what my workdays would be? Thanks in advance !
  10. DblsTrpls

    Michigan Seasonal Feeder Questions

    Hey all, New to the cafe here, and I’m not a UPS employee yet. I have an interview at the Grand Rapids, MI hub tomorrow for a seasonal feeder position. I’m just wondering what the likelihood is of becoming a regular, full time employee from that point, and how long that will take. Any, and all...
  11. Cyclops

    Study materials for Feeders (on topic)

    Are there any online studying materials to prepair for feeder driver training? I live a good way away from work and I work at night. If not, I’ll have to just go up to HR during the day. Just thought I’d check here.
  12. Brown Now

    New IVIS

    Is anyone running/testing the new IVIS? I’ve seen it, played around with it, but it was a tester that was being shown to me. A couple of our tractors had the new mounts for the new IVIS installed in them, but no IVIS. They had to put tape over the red light on the dashboard because it’s so...
  13. Brown Now


    I’ve seen new T-dollies being put into service this week. I’ve had trouble with them in the past when they first came out, mainly a sway sensation from the rear trailer, but whatever they did, it’s gone now. Had a fellow Feeder driver on the phone when I passed next to him,said the trailers...
  14. Rick Ross

    Fatality at PLEGA (Pleasantdale Hub) - RIP

    Police: UPS worker killed in loading dock accident
  15. ThaBlakesta

    Pilots quit?

    Our Boss who usually doesn’t know what he’s talking about said 200 UPS pilots quit has anyone else heard this?
  16. Dracula

    Feeder Hours

    Has anyone in feeders lost hours, due to gypsies working?
  17. Kicked Your Dog

    Hey, Man! Be cool.

    I mean this sincerely to all my good union brothers and sisters, fulltime and partime: DON’T LOSE YOUR COOL because of the mess UPS mismanagement has put us in. As a feeder driver, I bumble around from hub to hub supporting various preloads in my district. I’ve seen a lot of anxiety, stress...
  18. scratch

    70 Hour Rule, Merry Christmas

    We were told in the PCM this morning it’s now official.
  19. Wally

    Feeders the dog

    Is Feeders a bit puggy?
  20. R

    Any Florida feeder drivers? I need so help

    Help me plz