1. J

    Gloves for the preload (unloading trailers)

    Any glove suggestions? I'd rather not destroy my hands for nothing, and wouldn't like to keep using pure grip strength for picking up packages while scrambling to unload as fast as possible. For unloading specifically. I was loading trucks and would use any old gloves just fine for a while, but...
  2. O

    Thoughts on Browns Virus Contingency?

    Thoughts on Browns Virus Contingency Plan? Wondering whats the plan for protecting the employees. Are we covered by regular health insurance or workers comp when working in dangerous conditions? We need to think about our own safety and prepare for possibilities. Public interaction is a...
  3. The Man

    What type of gloves do you use?

    Looking for a good set of gloves for work that I can grip boxes with. I usually use these.