health benefits

  1. J

    Current value of health care package

    Does anyone know what they say the approximate value of the ups health care package is currently? Just wondering.
  2. G

    $15 per hour for new hires?

    :Text deleted:
  3. PhatPattheRiverRat

    Part Time Package Handler...How Freakin Crazy am I

    Alright, so there are tons of posts which I have read and re-read on here. Feel like I have some decent info, but really want feedback from others on my potential plan. So I'm 33, I have been a desk jockey for 5 years. Pay is okay not great, health benefits are expensive, I work 8-4 M-friend...
  4. toonertoo

    For all new hires, go here (on topic)

    I am going to try to compile a faq page for all new hires. New UPSers, feel free to post your questions here in this thread if you haven't found your answer elsewhere.