human resources

  1. R

    Inept HR

    New to UPS coming from a City DPW job, gotta say the Human Resources Ppl in Somerville are inept. No communication and really don’t give a friend&@! It has to be me I guess. Lost a Family Member when I started and said nothing. Good look Helen Thanks for the Browns, I’ll wear it out on Halloween.
  2. B

    Need an HR or Management Contact for Indian River County, FL

    As the title indicates, I'm searching for any HR or management contact in the vicinity of Indian River County, Florida. Let me explain why: I'm a package handler (coming up on three and a half years) who is educationally transferring from my current location in Spokane, Washington to Vero Beach...
  3. B

    Seasonal HR Rep

    Hello, I have an interview with UPS as a seasonal HR Rep. I want to be prepared for my interview. What kind of questions do they ask? How tedious is the interview? What should I expect? Thanks in advance
  4. Proud To Be A Scab

    Steward protecting drunk

    So...there's a drunk on the preload. Wreaks of alcohol. Carries a flask. Has a hard time seeing package labels. Nearly runs over employees in the parking lot while coming into work. Boasts about his alcoholism. Admits to being under the influence of alcohol and cannabis while on the clock. etc...
  5. I

    Need help with a check issue!! (On Topic)

    The other week, I made a rash decision and quit due to personal reasons. On my last shift though, at the beginning of my pay period, I clocked in 3 hours but my last paycheck was $2.73. Who should i contact about this? I worked at the Northeast hub in Minneapolis, MN. I don't really have any...
  6. M

    Contact info for HR in Maine

    I am a current employee in Texas and would like to get in touch with an HR person in Maine but can’t seem to find the contact for HR and my current hub doesn’t have the ability to get it. Can anyone help?
  7. ArmyVet88

    Army vet needs advice

    So I served 10 years in the military and decided I didnt want to subject myself and family to 10 more. I started working at UPS as a seasonal personal vehicle driver and got hired as pre load/utility after peak. They are offering me a PT supervisor position with the promice of getting hired on...
  8. D

    Human resources lexington

    Can anybody please give me the number for human resources, my boyfriend is seasonal there and for locked up on Friday. He was supposed to go in Saturday at 10am. Pretty sure hes fired but he needs the number to HR so that I can turn in his uniforms and see if I can pick up his last check since...
  9. motonut

    Transferring Help

    I’m trying desperately to transfer to KY from California. I’ve been at UPS 27 years. I’m part time (was a driver for 14 years but started taking back to part time) I would like to transfer to Worldport. I know that education transfers are the easy to go but the cost of tuition is...
  10. H

    When have i achieved seniority?

    I've been a preloader for 4 months and joined the union.. At what point have I achieved seniority?
  11. D

    "Late Line"

    A coworker recently told me about a late line, a number to call if youre going to be late. My manager seems to appreciate, but be annoyed by, when I call in to tell him im gonna be 10-30 minutes late. He's a busy guy, runs our whole wall, Id rather not bother him. I was just wondering if this...
  12. T

    Part time Employee to full time driver

    I have worked local sort at UPS for just over 3 years now while turning 21 in june of 2017. I got offered a TCD driving position, but failed the road test in the standard for grinding gears in the last week of august in 2017. Fast forward to 2-1-18. I was notified that an email was sent out from...
  13. posk96

    driver starting wage

    I was a seasonal driver this past peak season in los angeles ca and wage was 18.75 then i was hired as a permanent driver i was sent to integrad and i passed now i wonder how much ima going to start an hour as a permanet driver or im keeping the same 18.75 i dont feel confortable tu ask the...
  14. J

    5 Seeing Habits

    Hi, guys. Is this test on the 5/10 done at the UPS School? Is it written or do I have to say them out load to the person giving me the test? and how strict are they if you mess up once? I heard it depends on the person testing you.
  15. MeLlamoMud

    Employee can I help?

    I'm a new poster/commenter but have lurked and talked to enough employees to see a trend. Many do not know what their rights are. Sadly the majority are young, like my daughter (19), and living in an "at will" state so they just don't know any better. Could anyone tell me, does the Union do...
  16. Z

    Does anyone have problems with the payroll and HR

    I was working there and got illegitimatley terminated and after 5 weeks of working there I still haven't gotten my paycheck for my first week of work. I was working out the San Bruno hub. I got terminated by Ernesto because help said I was as all employees are obligated to do overtime. I was...
  17. snarts

    Inaccuracies in overall attendance record.

    I asked for a copy of my attendance record and saw that I was marked late 5 times since September, days in which came in on time, including on a Saturday which is a optional day for me since I'm scheduled to work Mon-Fri. Also I was incorrectly fired for a week, it was overturned because I was...
  18. Cyclops

    Study materials for Feeders (on topic)

    Are there any online studying materials to prepair for feeder driver training? I live a good way away from work and I work at night. If not, I’ll have to just go up to HR during the day. Just thought I’d check here.
  19. U

    Hired as full time

    Hired off the street june of 2017 a week ago manager told me HR screwed up and hired too many people. Now this morning he calls me and tell me they no longer need me. Is this right? Can I fight it being that the only excuse is HR screwed up?
  20. Number24

    "View Your Paycheck" Not Working

    Am I the only one who has not been able to access "View Your Paycheck" option? I have not been able to see my pay stub for a few months now and it's pissing me off!