1. UPS Preloader

    Require OSHA Enforce the 28” exit route egress guidelines at UPS, FedEx, and Amazon.

    If you have egress issues in you building, please sign and share this petition. Require OSHA Enforce the 28” exit route egress guidelines at UPS, FedEx, and Amazon. Please sign and share.
  2. M

    TAW docs restrictions

    I was injured on the job mostly due to fatigue and handling so much of the weight as is the case for most 22.4 drivers. (9-5 list doesn't protect us so we need up getting these cherry picked bull:censored: routes) The question I have is if a doctors orders explicitly state no driving commerciall...
  3. A

    Already injured two weeks in, what do I do?

    Hello, I am a new employee and I am not sure what to do about this situation. They have me doing recycling which involves walking a cart full of boxes back and fourth for four hours straight. The first day they put me to work I started getting pain at the base of my big toe. I believe it is...
  4. J

    Do I qualify for worker comp and how to apply

    I've been working for ups as a part time unloader since the end of Feburary. A week ago hurt my wrist lifting a box, I told my supervisor they had me ice it and had me talk to one of the main people in charge. They asked me how painful it was and asked if I wanted to see a doctor. I said no at...
  5. FotomanDave

    Options after workplace injury???

    Hey Upsets... Over been with UPS for a little over four years now. In October I slipped down a flight of stairs in an apartment complex on a rainy day. I immediately messaged the center to let them know. I wasn't sure if I was really injured because I had so much adrenaline, but I was in a lot...
  6. T


    I’m an unloader/worked there for 3 months So, this happened Last Friday: I was unloading (I’m a part timer with seniority) and near the end of my shift, I felt discomfort in my wrist. I told FT supervisor and he told me to talk to safety. I told them that this was on the clock and that i had...
  7. Jstpeachy

    Injury at work, reported it but no claim filed... now what?

    about a week ago I hurt my back while pushing a heavy box into the package car. I reported it immediately but was told take the weekend see if it heals up. This week it had improved some while I was off but now it’s aggravated worse and burns while I’m doing anything using that muscle group. I...
  8. LaSadGirl

    Injury Discrimination? On Topic

    Hello, This is my 4th Xmas (since 2015) being a driver helper in California. I keep coming back because I have fun and I make alot of money. Unfortunately, this year, neither is happening. I was injured on November 5th (90 minutes into my shift) which was my second day. It was a minor injury...
  9. S

    Haglund’s deformity

    Has anyone working for UPS developed Haglund’s deformity?
  10. S

    Haglund’s deformity - On Topic

    Has anyone else working for UPS developed Haglund’s deformity?
  11. G

    Injury outside of work as a new hire, what happens now? - On Topic

    Okay... so I literally just started doing package handling this last Wednesday at the Hodgkins UPS, and I worked the whole week. Last night I just sprained my foot. Outside of work. I know there’s the 30 day probational period. Can I call off say for a couple days to a week? Or is that a...
  12. D

    Filing an injury report two days past recieving said injury

    Hey guys, pretty sure I pulled a collarbone/rib connecting tendon without realizing it. Let my supervisor know monday night, he then made me talk to my manager and the shift manager. They didnt punk me as hard as I thought but asked me so many questions that by the time my shift manager asked...
  13. FarmLandDreamUPSer

    Injury Filing Procedure and TimeFrame

    Whats up, How do you go about claiming and filing an injury? What is the time frame to do so? How do you collect workers compensation?
  14. herbigharo32

    1 min late = NCNS (No Call, No Show)

    Hello folks. This post is to bring an urgent issue to discussion. At the DFW Airport Hub #0764, anyone who is late, even by a minute or seconds are having their in-punch changed to NCNS then sent home for the day. A NCNS on the work record does subject an employee to immediate termination or...
  15. cheryl

    Deaths At Work: Truck Drivers Had Highest Number of Fatal Injuries Compared to Any Other Job

    Deaths At Work: Truck Drivers Had Highest Number of Fatal Injuries Compared to Any Other Job - Newsweek Truck drivers and delivery workers had the highest number of workplace fatalities in 2016, more than any other occupation, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report...
  16. Dirtygerbils

    Stupid injury report

    Here is what happened. Im a primary sorter sorting tires from the tirerack. There are 2 others there to help. Normally when the tirerack is unloaded, the wide chute is latched close, and packed with tires. FT Supervisor comes over and opens up the chute. Tells me to stand at the bottom of the...
  17. H

    Workman's comp question - On Topic

    I'm a part-time loader that got struck in the head by a metal irreg during my shift. Of course I told my supervisor what happened, but apparently didn't officially report it until I talked to the full time manager the next day. They put me on light duty for the night, only for me to ask to go...
  18. 75thRanger

    Injury questions

    Can someone please inform me of what should happen in the event of an on the job injury? Specifically, steps and procedures once the injury is reported to management, and ball park timelines. Thanks