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  1. T

    Job Posting pay rate VS actual pay rate

    Hey there, so I recently applied as a FT combination driver. The pay rate stated in the job posting was $27 an hour. I believe this rate is due to an increase which took place on September 4th. I applied a few days before the 4th and all I need now is my DOT physical. When I took the road test...
  2. E

    New Contract and Benefits for PT Pre-Load Sorter

    Hi my name is Grace and I work as a part time pre-load sorter at the facility in Chantilly, VA. I was told by HR when I was hired that I would begin to accrue sick leave, vacation leave, and personal time after 9 months with the new contract. Well I'm quickly closing in on my first anniversary...
  3. H

    New 22.4 combination driver question

    Hi teamsters I recently made FT 22.4 and it states in the contract that I’m guaranteed 8 hours inside work whenever I’m not driving. I currently work in revenue recovery and PT management is implying that I can’t work 2 shifts in revenue recovery because, “ there is no work”. Ect ... That’s...
  4. L

    The "Back Pay" Situation

    Hello yes I'm relatively new, have been at UPS for about 6 months, and have heard things about the new "contract" going through and people getting "raises" and "back pay"... all very exciting words. I was told by an unreliable source of information that I would be included in and receive the...
  5. P


    I retired on September 1, 2018 after the old contract expired on July 31, 2018 with 31 years of part time credited service. I am now receiving the 30 year service benefit of $1800 a month. Will I be eligible for the $150 per month increase for a 30 year part time service benefit that was...
  6. J

    What was agreed on the new contract regarding Health Insurance?

    Not sure how you all feel but our health insurance was not nearly as good as our previous contract. Don't get me wrong, our insurance is fantastic. But still not as good as the previous. I am just hoping they don't agree to a lesser health insurance.
  7. J

    How will the new contract affect senior preload worker pay

    It seems like usual the preloaders are left in the dark. I continue reading about the new 22.4 positions and the part time raises but still no specifics for the part time veterans. What kind of raises will we get within the 5 year contact? Definitely would bring some peace of mind to us.
  8. Heffalump

    Full time pay increase next contract?

    Trying to stay ahead of the curb here but with part-timers getting there percieved "piece of the pie" ( potential raises and RETRO PAY! ) with this 22.4 crap what are the odds full time drivers seeing top rate at $50/hr in the next next contract? I feel like with a rate like that only the best...
  9. B

    Part time employees jobs being eliminated by this proposed contract

    I just read briefly over the proposed contract. It appears that the union has decided to push even harder to create full time jobs. I can understand this to an extent. There are union employees that do not want to work full time. In fact this had been a great resource for people who are...
  10. Jkloc420

    Fred S

    he is on fox business, looks like something is coming to fedex employees because of tax cuts