1. cheryl

    Working Overtime Can Be Essential Job Function

    Working Overtime Can Be Essential Job Function- SHRM The ability to work overtime can be an essential job function under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, deferring to United Parcel Service's (UPS's) explanation that overtime was essential...
  2. Hethatbeking

    Call your local State Representative

    After reading this :censored2: proposal at least two things are clear. First, the union and UPS have no qualms about working us to death. Second, overtime no longer serves it's original purpose. It's time we start demanding an overhaul of DOT laws at the state level and nationally. Overtime was...
  3. Brohn Bron

    To The New Guys - 2 Buckets

    Young Guys, it’s time to move out of mom’s basement. You just landed yourself a full time driver job. Maximize your pay! 2 Buckets Overtime Bucket: 10 hours Bonus Bucket: 10 hours That’s 20 hours of overtime pay, get it!
  4. T

    New progression.

    Anyone hear anything from the 4 year progression changing in the new contract ? I heard it’s going down to a 3 yr or up to 5-6 I’m 1 year into driving. So if it went down to a 3 year would i fall into that or stay at the 4 year
  5. 35years

    Your ideal dispatch...

    UPS told the Union during contact negotiations that excessive overtime was not a problem. UPS claimed their internal polling indicated less than 1/5 of drivers think their dispatch is too high. Do you agree?
  6. O

    9.5 New Tentative Contract Language?

    New possbile 9.5 language, any thoughts? Weak 9.5 Deal is No Solution
  7. Indecisi0n

    Time card app

    The time card app I use to use is no longer supported. What phone app do you use to keep track of your hours ?
  8. S


    First question do part time employees become eligible for full-time pension if they work full time hours, or do they receive more because of the extra hours worked ? Question two how much will the $13000 added to our pension affect the monthly price? Third question if you reach top pay as a...
  9. Protein Fart

    Get rid of OT after 5

    And make preload a full time job...
  10. U

    7 day punch on Saturday on 1/6/2018 double pay

    My manager is telling me I can’t work this Saturday because I’m not a Tuesday-Saturday. I told him I was off for New Years on Monday so I should be able to get my 5 day punch, but they don’t want me to get a 7 day punch double time. What should I do?I have 15 years with the company I don’t see...
  11. Soccer97

    Messing with employees time

    Is a sup allowed to edit an employees time by moving time under a lower pay code? I've asked for help on this and have wrote grievances galore to fix my time for my checks and nothing.
  12. box-man

    No Over 5 "On-Topic"

    Maybe someone here can help me out with the rules. I was told today by my full time sup that no one is allowed overtime for the day and I had to clock out at 5 hours. I did as I was told, but a buddy of mine who works in another area for another full timer got almost 7 hours for the day and he...
  13. U

    When is the last day for casuals?

    Anyone know?
  14. M

    I want to wish all my UPS brothers and sisters a Happy Holiday

    That was a horrible peak, but we made it. Now it’s family time and that’s the most important thing. No matter how much money we make it can never replace time with family. Let’s enjoy these back to back 3 day weekends and then the line for discipline outside the office after the PCM begins...
  15. PeasAndCarrots

    Exactly how does a strike work?

    With the new contract coming up and UPS showing out with the 70 hour work weeks and hiring SPVD’s, I feel like a strike might actually happen. I’m just not sure exactly what that entails for us as union members and I have a couple of questions if someone could answer. 1) Is the strike fund...
  16. Jackburton

    Delivering at 10:30pm, what could go wrong

    Another incident of a driver being held up and the truck stolen, at 10:30pm. This happened to a driver out of the Roswell building, Marietta Center side. This could have been a lot worse, stay safe out there, hopefully someone doesn’t have to die before UPS gets slammed with overworking...
  17. unloady

    Forced Saturdays

    Hi, been lurking here for awhile. Lots of useful information and good laughs. Been a package handler for 3 years now. Im in Local 63 and management is giving the mandatory Saturday demand. I am a M-F employee. Steward has not been present latley and I was wondering if they can require Saturdays...
  18. mrbrownstone

    Union Fight for Better Peak?

    For those of you who have had a bad peak being forced to work excessive hours do you think there is any hope of the Union fighting for less hours worked in the upcoming contract? This year is nothing short of ridiculous.
  19. S

    Peak Season Guarantee time

    So let's hear it. Who got some and how much.
  20. B

    Center and driver helper question, on topic please

    Center and helper question. Five hours in the center, followed by 6 hours on a package car. HR is claiming they are two different jobs, therefore no OT.. They show up on the same paycheck though. Any thoughts, ideas, arguments before I file a grievance? Thanks in advance for any real thoughts…