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  1. S

    New package handlers questions

    Hi all, got some questions if you don't mind! Orientation in 2 weeks for Package Handler at a Hub, 10pm to 4am part time 1)What type of boots do you guys recommend I get? 2)Should I bring gloves? 3)When are breaks/bathroom breaks? Can you go whenever you want? 4)Any tips?
  2. J

    Package handler to driver

    Hey, I’ve been a package handler for a few years now and want to transfer to driver. I wanted to know the pros and cons. If you’ve been in the same situation as I am please let me know how that went. I know I’ll lose seniority but what are the other consequences? Thanks!
  3. A

    Am I required to work more than 5 hours each day as a part time package handler?

    If I start at 4, can I leave at 9 without getting in trouble, or am I required to stay until they tell me I can leave?
  4. W

    Method For Loading 100 RDLs Without Killing Yourself?

    I walked into the second shift and was a given a truck to work on that, according to the bulk forecasting sheet, had 100rdls, 40 in the 8k section and 60 in the 6k section. Since I had no idea how many bulks I was going to get and I was worried about the rdls getting mixes up if the 8k or the 6k...
  5. Z

    When do I get top driver salary?

    I’m currently first on seniority on my local sort shift as a package handler. But want to transfer to become driver next summer. If I become driver will I then make driver top salary or will I still be at my package handler top salary?
  6. 347Dodge

    Just starting out, had a few questions on tips

    Hey everyone my name is Derek and I just got a job at UPS for a package handler position. tuesday to saturday 4am to 9pm. I have a few years expereince working in factories but I would like to ask the community if they have any tips for first timers on the job? And what do you think about the...
  7. K

    Newbie...advancement to driver/management?

    Hey all, I'm currently thinking about applying as a part time package handler for the twilight shift. I've wanted to be a driver for a while now and am realizing that the most likely path to a driver is via part time. Is there a way to know how long the list is for drivers in my area...
  8. NS_Highlander

    Driver helping with a road supervisor.

    I was just watching a youtube video with this guy named "Maynard" and he stated that if you are helping a supervisor on the road that "you will make what he makes". Is this really true? He was referencing people who work in the "hub" and gave a scenario where if they went on the road and...
  9. 2

    HR said I'm permanent, Sup say's I'm not

    I'm a package handler and my start date was 10/30/2018. Before I was hired in my HR rep told me I would be a permanent worker as long as my start date was before 11/1/2018. So now I've worked 3 days and I talked to my supervisor today and was told that I am seasonal and that HR didn't know what...
  10. T

    Full time day job and being a package handler

    I have an interview on Wednesday for a package handler position. I have a physical full time day job, but I really need some extra money to get caught up on bills. Does anyone here have a physical day job where you’re on your feet all day and then go work as a package handler? How hard is it to...
  11. D

    I got hired but haven't been put to work??

    Hi All, So I am normally a hustle get things done kinda person but, I have a big dilemma.. I got hired as a Part-Time Package Handler|Preloader for the UPS Facility in my area but after several attempts it would seem things are either highly unorganized or just not very busy which is weird...
  12. toonertoo

    For all new hires, go here (on topic)

    I am going to try to compile a faq page for all new hires. New UPSers, feel free to post your questions here in this thread if you haven't found your answer elsewhere.
  13. E

    Lost Medical Specimens

    Good morning! I work for a medical office that sends specimens for cancer screening to a pathology lab using UPS. My issue is the box was put into a UPS drop box in Denver, CO without a label and is now MIA. As I'm sure you can imagine, it is incredibly important that we find these specimens...
  14. Brandon5658

    I suck at preloading.

    Today I had the same 4 trucks to preload. It was hell. A :censored:ty packed box of books opened under the weight of itself and it caused me to get backed up with packages. My scanner then decided to fail and my supervisor wasn't around to help me so I asked another preloader. My supervisor was angry...
  15. Brandon5658

    Advice please?

    Hey there UPS family, I'm a new member of UPS in New York. Just started around 3 weeks ago. I'm currently a package car preloader and I'd like some advice to improve my work. I've been struggling to pack the trucks, 4 cars being a bit too much to handle for me. Almost everyday my supervisor has...
  16. Chrisleonard86

    Misload Mitigation

    I'm pretty sure this is going to be a waste of time as this place seems to be full of keyboard warriors, however, Im looking to see if anyone has any tips or tricks, aside from working the belt methods, to prevent misloads.
  17. R

    UPS rehiring?

    I worked as a package handler during December of last year until about mid January. Being incredibly frustrated since we were understaffed during peak made me quit without notice, I just called my sup and said I quit. I realize that this was incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional of me to...
  18. B

    Is there a difference between a package handler and a loader/unloaded?

    Is there a difference between a package handler and a loader/unloaded?
  19. M

    Worth going PT mechanic for UPS

    I'm a new hire package handler at the CACH facility near the Chicagoland. Was told they had an PT mechanic opening. Is it really worth it and what are chances of going full time? I'm assuming they are IAM Local 701. Have 8 years experience and was previous 701 member.
  20. PhatPattheRiverRat

    I did it, I'm a twilight package handler. How to be the best I can - ON TOPIC

    Sweet diggity, I'm a twilight package handler. I start next Wednesday and want to do a good job so I can maybe be kept on p/t in the future, and also to try and make the driver's and other handlers lives a bit easier. What do you wish someone had told you before you started this position? Also...