1. R

    Part Time Raise Question

    Been lurking here a decent while, decided to post because like many of you i am very disappointed with this contract proposal. I have 2.5 years seniority in the preload, and on my seniority date in January i was scheduled to go from $12.00 - $13.00 dollars due to progression. My question is...
  2. M

    Problems with UPS

    I am Newby and having a problem with big brown. I have been with the company for 38 years and in 2012 I had lower back surgery rehabbed and back to work. I had second back surgery July 2016 and during rehab UPS said they were not letting come back this time. The surgery this time did not work...
  3. HuckToohey


    As an employee with over thirty years service and close to retirement, a cautionary word to all who entertain the thought of working for FedEx Express. This company has changed from compassion to callousness. And does not resemble in any fashion the Federal Express by which I was hired. 1996...