1. R

    Fight for the job

    Hey Brown Community. I am a new driver and I was trying to qualify. I went through my whole 30 days with zero progress reports or any input from my supervisor. I had to learn how to be a driver on my own. The first day for training I was given heat stroke and had to battle dehydration and heat...
  2. Lambo

    Second week preloading, need some insight.

    Today was the end of my second week preloading trucks off the belt. Running out of room in trucks is becoming less of an issue and I'm getting slightly more efficient at finding the right shelf, no misloads etc. But loading 4 trucks at times becomes extremely stressful and overwhelming, I...
  3. J

    Gloves for the preload (unloading trailers)

    Any glove suggestions? I'd rather not destroy my hands for nothing, and wouldn't like to keep using pure grip strength for picking up packages while scrambling to unload as fast as possible. For unloading specifically. I was loading trucks and would use any old gloves just fine for a while, but...
  4. F

    Excessive absences

    Can you get fired for having “excessive” absences , even though you have a doctors note every time?
  5. Proud To Be A Scab

    Steward protecting drunk

    So...there's a drunk on the preload. Wreaks of alcohol. Carries a flask. Has a hard time seeing package labels. Nearly runs over employees in the parking lot while coming into work. Boasts about his alcoholism. Admits to being under the influence of alcohol and cannabis while on the clock. etc...
  6. B

    the Preload vent

    a place for preload venting.. from the seasoned vet to the newbie without us, who else is gonna have the trucks set up to hit the streets?? yea I respect the drivers.. long hrs driving.. the stress and fatigue.. 200 stops in a day.. I couldn't do it. We preloaders go thru it too.. especially...
  7. PTPunchingBag

    Hot Preloader

    I work in an old building, loading trucks on the only belt with no industrial fans. Instead, we have 3 ceiling fans that don’t do anything because they’re 40 feet above us. The only way we don’t die on shift is when we open up the garage doors to have airflow on our belt. My question is, have...
  8. G

    Paid Doctor Visits

    I was injured about 2.5 months ago and have been to multiple appointments at the work comp doctor since then. I've handed my full time supervisor a print out from every one of them, minus physical therapy and other related visits since they didn't contain an update. My union rep told me at the...
  9. Jstpeachy

    New preloader- please help lol

    I started today on preload and got put loading 3 trucks. One was pretty easy, the next moderate amount of big heavy boxes but the 3rd was complete chaos. About 350 pcs on it with at least 1/3 being large very heavy pkgs in bulk RDL and RDR. I started stacking out beside the truck per advice of...
  10. saskat

    Dealing with a problem coworker

    I work preload and we have bins, not belt-to-car. My boxline has a HUGE problem with our top slide sorter. She’s an extremely obnoxious person to begin with, but she complains about how we circle the SPA when there are missorts for other lines. If we circle it more than once, she flips out. She...
  11. MarvelousMunata

    What do the drivers like??

    Do the drivers care how the preloader sets up their truck?? What are some preferences? Supervisors keep telling us to just get everything in, doesnt matter how. But I dont wana set my drivers' day up to be :censored:ty. Today I was complimented by one of my drivers for how I load his truck, he said...
  12. PTPunchingBag

    Driver Seniority vs PT Seniority

    I have more seniority than like 5 drivers in my hub. I’ve heard many things such as if you go from PT to driver, you’re back to bottom guy, but I’ve also heard if you go from PT to Driver, you’ll have more seniority than drivers who started after you so you can bounce them off their routes or...
  13. C

    Transferring part timer question.

    Is there any way to find out what hours a shift runs from at a different hub? I’m moving this summer to Boise, ID or Salt Lake City, UT to finish school. I would like to see what each hubs preload schedule is like to help make the decision.
  14. M

    Preload Help (trainee)

    Hey guys, so today i started preloading in the UPS trucks. It was my first time (sup just put me infront of the delivery truck and said good luck). I knew what i had to do but some of the packages were wobbly in the truck and the driver came through and he had to help me "lock them in" so they...
  15. P

    Union Regulations Harder On Loaders

    Ive been a pre loader for over a year now. Let me preface by saying I have a full time career during the day as a marketing executive for the past 10 years; started pre load to pay off debt faster. Ive never seen a corporation so messed up by Union BS and I have worked with numerous national...
  16. U

    To the new guys in preload

    I see/hear it every morning, the new guys getting stressed out, frustrated, and overwhelmed and wondering wtf to do. Guys, the key to succeeding as a loader is easy. Just calm down. I’ve been there, I know how it feels to get :censored: on everyday. I load 3 trucks every day and work on the...
  17. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    [THE OFFICIAL!!!] Management Bashing Forum. On Topic

    You wanted it, you got it. I'm one of them so it's okay if I post this. I hate my coworkers, please tell me there's worse people out there in management?
  18. VelcroVestsAreTearable

    READ THIS before joining management!

    So, you've been told you should look into being a supervisor, huh? That you're doing SUCH a good job, they want to promote you? You'll make more money, get more hours, health insurance, AND you won't have to load trucks anymore? I bet you're still in your 30 days,or you just qualified, so more...
  19. Refloger86

    New preloader. Misloads and misc

    So I’m on my second week at UPS and everything has gone well except my misloads are kind of up and down. First day I had three and two days ago I had 5 (:censored:ty yes but the next day went a lot better. The rest of the days I’ve worked I’ve had 1-0 misloads. In reality I’ve only had one “bad day”...
  20. Brandon5658

    Tips on being a Driver Helper?

    Third month of UPS so far, just joined the union. Doing preload in the sort aisle as well as loading trucks on Saturdays. I recently started doing driver helper and I like it. Haven't learned the DIAD yet but its looking promising. The extra hours are really helping me out (when they remember to...