probationary period

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    30 day probation... dqed for not running 0.00 or below

    On day 29 I was told that I was disqualified for not making scratch 5 days in a row. I came off the the sort onto the road and during my probationary period was told alot of different things. Such as I only needed 3 days of scratch not finding out it was 5 until half way through. And that if I...
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    Injury outside of work as a new hire, what happens now? - On Topic

    Okay... so I literally just started doing package handling this last Wednesday at the Hodgkins UPS, and I worked the whole week. Last night I just sprained my foot. Outside of work. I know there’s the 30 day probational period. Can I call off say for a couple days to a week? Or is that a...
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    Does my 31st day punch qualify

    This is my 2nd go at qualifying I run under allowed 3-4 days a week, but they keep me on edge scared to fail. Im on day 30 tom. If I punch Tues according to contracy I qualify right?