1. P

    Paid Sick Days

    How many days can we call out sick in a row? Is it 3 and then we need a doc's note after that? Or can I take Monday and Tuesday off, then Thursday and Friday? I'm just wondering because I called out sick for the first time ever and my supe said I HAD to come in. Which is ridiculous since they...
  2. MarvelousMunata

    Allergens and Asthma

    As far as driving/loading goes... Does anyone suffer from allergies ir asthma while working? Whats managements view on time off due to either? Ir even leaving work early.
  3. U

    Hired as a driver helper, couldn’t work first day due to illness... am I still employed?

    I got hired as a driver helper for the xmas season and said I could start working last friday (12/14). I got a call that morning asking me to work, and I told them I can’t due to being sick, but I should be able to work on monday. It’s now monday (12/17) and I never received a call. Did they...
  4. unloady

    Option Days

    Hello everybody. Quick question regarding option days. I'm in the western region (southern california). I've noticed on my pay stub and "time off viewer" on upsers that there is "option week", and "option time". I have looked through my supplement and there is no section regarding vacation...
  5. L


    I just recently started working at UPS a month ago....but I woke up really sick with the flu yesterday morning and had to call in and I called in today too because I feel worse than yesterday, from the way I'm feeling it doesn't look good for tomorrow so that will b 3 straight days in a...
  6. unloady

    Forced Saturdays

    Hi, been lurking here for awhile. Lots of useful information and good laughs. Been a package handler for 3 years now. Im in Local 63 and management is giving the mandatory Saturday demand. I am a M-F employee. Steward has not been present latley and I was wondering if they can require Saturdays...
  7. U

    Vacation Paycheck Codes?

    VAC 40.00 H OPD 0.00 H OPW 16.00 H OTH 12.00 H PST 15.00- H Can anyone clarify these codes for me? I'm part time btw... Thanks dudes!
  8. A

    Used Paid Sick When I Don't Have

    I thought we got paid sick after 1 year? During the payroll period is 8/13/2017 - 8/19/2017 I have paid sick time of 4 hours. (I did call in on Thursday that week) However I did not reach my year until 8/22/2017 which confuses me. I was told paid sick was after 1 year
  9. Sissy Brown Short Shorts

    Disability Insurance/FMLA Question

    I was discharged from the hospital last night with a referral from the doctor to have an outpatient medical procedure performed. I would be out of work recovering for 2-3 weeks. Newer driver with little sick/personal days. My local is pretty bad with sending us our information in a timely matter...
  10. TibblesBRC

    Being asked to work when sick

    Hi, been working as a Package handler loading for about 4 months. I've missed probably 2 or 3 days before now, I told my supervisor I wasn't feeling well while working. The next day I was throwing up and realized I've got the flu from my sister, I texted and told him as soon as I woke up and he...