1. N

    Covid policies for training new hires

    Hello everyone, I’m almost through my first week of training to become a package delivery driver. I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be a new career working for UPS. I wanted to share my experience and some concerns about my experience to see if I could get some feedback. Although...
  2. H

    Headed to Intergrad

    Hello, Heading to Intergrad for drivers school. I've been with UPS as a package handler for 2 years but I'm only the second person in my building to be sent to Intergrad. I've read some posts on here about it but most seem to be several years old so I figured I'd start a new one. I know it's a...
  3. cheryl

    UPS warns training regulations will hurt its long-haul driver hiring

    UPS warns training regulations will hurt its long-haul driver hiring - Freightwaves Entry-level driver training regulations going into force in 2020 will make it difficult for UPS to keep up with new driver demand, according to company documents. UPS, one of the nation’s largest...
  4. S

    Feeder Training

    Hey does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Feeder Practice Quiz?
  5. TakeABreakDriver8

    Training to Non-training route, and vice-versa

    I recently bid and won a route that USED to be a training route but was posted as not a training route (no mention of training route on the bid sheet, manager assured me it’s no longer a training route, etc). What ability do they have to switch it back to a training route at their will? Are...
  6. F

    Feeder Driver Training Pay - HELP!

    Drove package for a month, now going to feeder. Why don't they pay for first week of training? Already have my CDL.
  7. U

    40 Days of Training - how many with supervisor driving

    hello, I started my route driving training and I am wondering how many of those days I am to drive with a supervisor and if all? thank you.
  8. Tin tin

    Cover driving 30 probation

    I just started my 30 probation for cover driving and it's only been one week and theyve already had no work for me for 2 days. I thought that I'll be working for 30 continuous working days. Are they allowed to be sending me home on my probation?
  9. specter208

    Don't like new Bid Position.

    Don't want to give too much info but I'm a Current Part-Timer. Bid on a position, completed training and am now feeling buyers remorse about it after 2 days in new role. Am I able to give up the spot?
  10. C

    Just won a bid for a training route need help with seniority issue

    Hi y’all I have just won myself a package car route that I bid on 2 weeks ago. Now that February has begun they will start training a new person on my route. I was told by a union representative that I should have seniority over other utility drivers when I am bidding on routes. He said that I...
  11. Catatonic

    Alert UPS driver saves family – including baby and pet dog – from house fire

    Alert UPS driver saves family – including baby and pet dog – from house fire - WHOTV An alert UPS driver is being credited with saving a man and his child from a house fire on Thursday afternoon. Fire officials say UPS driver Jeremy Brandt was on his route when he spotted smoke coming from...
  12. Dracula

    Feeder Hours

    Has anyone in feeders lost hours, due to gypsies working?
  13. BrownSyndrome

    Hey neasayers, what are the solutions, huh? let's hear 'em

    [SERIOUS QUESTION] what is something that could be done in your hub to make UPS function more logically and efficiently?
  14. Jasoonis

    Forced 60+ Hours

    Can someone point me to the the Article and Section of the Contract that says UPS can force us to work 60 hours and then be forced to be a helper. Thanks.
  15. OrionsBitch

    Helper Cellphones

    Anyone else get the helper phones that they is as diads? Haha what a joke these things are... Management "these phones are way easier to use" First thing you need to do is have them create a upers account online. Takes forever. And doesn't work half the time. Then they password protected the...
  16. P

    Minor accident (gutter) now I’m disquaified? Help?

    Hi guys. I’m fairly new to this forum and UPS in general. I’ve just been completing training for package car driving and have worked at UPS for a total of about 6 months. So recently (Wed. 11/22) I got in a minor accident in which a gutter that was sticking out at a little coffee shop got...
  17. Integrity

    "On Topic" is this ethical?

    To All, Is it ethical for a company to give its employees training, going so far as to having employees even sign papers stating they understand that they are required to follow the methods or training and then have local supervision, management not enforce and/or reinforce the following of the...
  18. C

    Does my 31st day punch qualify

    This is my 2nd go at qualifying I run under allowed 3-4 days a week, but they keep me on edge scared to fail. Im on day 30 tom. If I punch Tues according to contracy I qualify right?
  19. I

    New driver 30 days

    Hi, I am still in my packet, and have gotten word that I may be fired, because I have too much over allowance. I am about 3 weeks in, and have busted my butt, no lunch just stops and miles as fast as I can. Not sure what I can do to improve, other than better navigation to stops, but I am...
  20. M

    We’re being told that they are having trouble finding helpers...

    Lmao. Like I care. Guess I’ll be running out of hours Friday morning this peak. Not my problem. “If you know anyone that is interested, better get them to work with you this peak otherwise it will be 300-400stops a day by yourself” nah that’s OK. Your job is to hire. gotta love it. Like I’m...