1. TakeABreakDriver8

    What kind of package car is this?

    I know, I know, I should probably know what kind of package car I drive, but I don’t. Can anyone figure out the year, make, etc from these clues? I know some of you smarties have got to know! Clues: -Diesel -Starts with 147... -200,000 ish miles -Looks like a grand but a bit wider and more...
  2. MarvelousMunata

    What do the drivers like??

    Do the drivers care how the preloader sets up their truck?? What are some preferences? Supervisors keep telling us to just get everything in, doesnt matter how. But I dont wana set my drivers' day up to be :censored:ty. Today I was complimented by one of my drivers for how I load his truck, he said...
  3. cheryl

    I Don't Care How Rich You Are, You Can't Buy A UPS Truck

    I Don't Care How Rich You Are, You Can't Buy A UPS Truck - Jalopnik It’s got style. It’s got speed. It’s got heart. It’s the adrenaline-pumping, track-destroying vehicle of your dreams. It’s the infamous UPS Package Car, and you can’t have it. Really, you can’t. The shipping company has a...
  4. T

    Carry Moped in Truck for Driveways

    Carry Moped in Truck for Driveways Leave truck and driver quickly on the moped up long driveways.. Anyone do it? Any rules against it? Am I overlooking something..
  5. B

    Preloading Question to Drivers (on topic)

    This morning at the end of my preloading shift (I load 3 cars), my lightest truck which is I believe one of the smaller 600’s had ~280 packages on it as projected. The driver to that truck was telling me how sometimes his truck looked like Helen Keller loaded it and went on and on about how I...
  6. B

    Why do we load everyone down when the weather is

    Please tell me why we load drivers down with over 10 hours worth of work, on a perfect day, when the weather is bad? We used to expand the routes and give the drivers the extra time we need to make service and clean the send agains up! Now we load every driver up with impossible loads and...
  7. WorknLateHuh

    Does anyone put a full set of chains on anymore?

    Im not talking about the skip/cheater chains but the full set. Most drivers only throw the quick 1’s on when they are stuck, which is what i used to do. On rural routes during snowstorms the 10-15 minutes it takes to put them on takes all the stress of the day away and it just feels like any...
  8. Catatonic

    Southern UPSers Laughing at Northern UPSers Driving in the Snow

    Winter storm hits New York City with up to 13 inches of snow; over 2,000 flights suspended More than 11 inches coated the Bronx and Brooklyn, while Rego Park in Queens received 13 inches, and 10 inches fell in Staten Island’s Great Kills. On Long Island, where the whirling snow reduced...
  9. cheryl

    Deaths At Work: Truck Drivers Had Highest Number of Fatal Injuries Compared to Any Other Job

    Deaths At Work: Truck Drivers Had Highest Number of Fatal Injuries Compared to Any Other Job - Newsweek Truck drivers and delivery workers had the highest number of workplace fatalities in 2016, more than any other occupation, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report...
  10. Brown Now

    New IVIS

    Is anyone running/testing the new IVIS? I’ve seen it, played around with it, but it was a tester that was being shown to me. A couple of our tractors had the new mounts for the new IVIS installed in them, but no IVIS. They had to put tape over the red light on the dashboard because it’s so...
  11. Jackburton

    Delivering at 10:30pm, what could go wrong

    Another incident of a driver being held up and the truck stolen, at 10:30pm. This happened to a driver out of the Roswell building, Marietta Center side. This could have been a lot worse, stay safe out there, hopefully someone doesn’t have to die before UPS gets slammed with overworking...
  12. T

    Telsa Trucks News Headlines vs. Peak Day Volume News Headlines??

    Usually you see a lot of News Headlines about peak day! But it's about these Telsa trucks!! Planned or coincidence??
  13. BrutusBrown

    Personal Vehicle Driver-checking in

    Got picked up for the season as a PVD. (Boooo!!! GTFO!!! SCAAAB!! <<< lol) Just to get some of that out of the way. I picked up the PVD gig to get my foot in the door with UPS. I originally applied for a seasonal driver position and was only offered PVD. I'd be glad to answer any...
  14. Po0pmenot

    UPS BUYS 125 of Elon Musks trucks..

    Self driving trucks.. It's happening.
  15. R

    401k packet sent to seasonal

    I am a seasonal pvd (personal vehicle delivery) driver in texas for UPS. I started about a month ago as a driver helper and after 2 days was put as a pvd. I recieved on the mail today a Teamster-UPS National 401(k) tax differed savings plan packet. I would assume this means that I will be kept...
  16. A

    Want to be a driver. But had a accident.

    I had an accident today. My car is most likely total. I wasn't at fault. I have never been into an accident and have good driving record. I know Ups requires documentation of your driving record before you can drive for them. How much will this affect me?
  17. X

    What's so hard to get?

    Let me start off by saying that I'm a fairly new driver. This is my second peak that I've been a part of. With that being said, it mind boggles me how a company of this satire can be so ran so poorly. It's like they don't even try when it comes to peak. Yet the boast about delivering boxes for...
  18. Brownslave688


    Anyone else have a crazy amount of irregular packages today. Resi guy I split my helper with had 30 less stops than normal but. Totally blown out truck.
  19. Catatonic

    Atlanta Snowmageddon ... AGAIN

    3 - 6 inches in and around the Atlanta area at 32° and getting colder. I, myself, am up to snow good. Schools didn't call a snow day ... now parents and news stations are flocking mad. UPS Drivers still out? Corporate employees get their packages at home?
  20. B

    I hope UPS is learning from this

    Tomorrow, well tonight actually, a crew of us are going in for 6th punch. About half as many drivers on route but 25% of today's pieces. It'll be easy to smash out. So instead of hiring seasonals who stay and are worth it, they're giving us "special pay" of $12.50, which will be sixth punch...