union grievance ups

  1. specter208

    22.4 Saturday preffered area or route

    Want opinion. Not sure if this is the same everywhere or if it’s worth talking about with the Union. 22.4s on Saturday at my building are not permitted to use seniority to get on preferred routes or areas. Supervisor picks when and where you are. Asking for something else is not guaranteed...
  2. Ladytruckdriver513

    feeder driver coding bathroom break

    When your on road and pull over to use the bathroom real quick do you code it? What do you code it as? Do you use YOUR paid 2 ten minute breaks for this?? We females cannot simply pull over and water the tire. We also have lady business every month that men don't have to deal with which...
  3. Misthios

    Constant schedule changes

    So I'm almost three years in on driving. Did the Saturdays for almost a year. Been off of them for almost a year. They brought me back to Saturdays for 7 weeks claiming they needed me (despite not gaining or loosing drivers in that period) and this last week I'm back to Monday through Friday...
  4. M

    Best person to pm

    whos recommended to pm about an issue? Someone knowledgeable in union matters. I have an issue I don’t feel comfortable posting anonymously for various reasons. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. TIA