1. K

    Seasonal forced dayoff unpaid

    Hi, I’m a seasonal driver I have a contract with ups to work from November 5st to January 15st Today is the 3rd day my supervisor messaged me early in the morning, saying for the seasonal drivers don’t go to work. Generally I get this message early in the morning (2 hours before my shift starts)...
  2. PT Crazy

    Paystub Question.

    Part time in the Central. PST 12.00 is showing on our checks. HR and the supervisors have no idea.
  3. Storm_Cloud

    Off the clock work?

    Hello, I'm a new hire. My supervisor asks us to come in an hour early and I don't think we get paid for it... when I clock in it'll say "Start time: 5:30" and it'll be 4:15. Then when I clock out, it says I worked an hour less than what I really did. Is this legal? What should I do? Feels like...