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  1. A

    Full time lay off options

    I’m a full time package driver but the lowest in seniority and work has slowed down so there are no routes for me.. I’ve been working both preload and sort to get my 8.. we have 2 part time air routes every day and I’m being told I can’t take either one because it’s strictly for air drivers...
  2. B

    New Voice Directions while Driving

    My apologies if this is a repost, has anyone received the new voice directions for the DIADs in the trucks yet? My center is supposed to get it in the next couple of weeks and I was curious as to how it functions. All the drivers I’ve talked to now seem opposed to it and want nothing to do with...
  3. Brandon5658

    Energy Drinks or nah?

    Okay this is my fourth week at the united parcel service. I'm pretty exhausted after an hour or two and I was wondering if you guys recommend having a monster/redbull/5 hour energy etc? I usually don't eat before my preload shift so I can see that being a problem. I'm a pretty big guy at 250lbs...
  4. Sissy Brown Short Shorts

    Lost Coverage

    Last month I was out for two weeks for a non work related surgery, both my center manager and my shop steward said I didn’t need to worry about not getting my one day a week in payroll to keep my health benefits. Just got the letter today from Central States saying my insurance coverage has been...
  5. R

    Feeder Newbie

    Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go feeder and question is what are the Scheduled weekdays like? Are the M-F? T-S? I know it’s on-call to start but I just want to get a clear picture on what my workdays would be? Thanks in advance !
  6. Brownslave688

    No more?

    Saturday ground. Hearing that lots of centers are scrapping the operation.
  7. watdaflock?

    Ya got your arse kicked as a preloader when... find a PAL label stuck to the back of your sweatshirt after arriving home. One week left. Lets hear some other examples.
  8. Z

    Part-time Supervisor test passed... time until promotion?

    So everybody I've asked at the Lexington hub has given me such a mixed variety of answers to this question that I am really unsure of who to believe. On the 3rd of December I passed the part-time supervisor test. Now I'm just simply waiting to be notified of when I get this position. How long...
  9. soberups

    5 Commandments for using a helper (On Topic)

    #1--Thou shalt make safety thy first concern. On day 1, I always give my helper a 5 min lecture on staying safe. That means NO RUNNING, PERIOD. That means 100% use of the handrail when entering or exiting, no exceptions. That means that, if I screw up and start the engine before they have the...
  10. BlackCat

    Why Does Volume Dictate Amount Of Routes?

    Last week during our PCM our center manager said that "volume was down but stops were up" so a few routes needed to be broken out. I go in the next day and look at dispatch numbers and the lightest route had a 9.25 plan and heaviest route at 12.5. For our center that turned out to be roughly 90hrs of OT...