ups driver helper

  1. D

    I have to quit UPS ASAP

    Well I’m like about 2 weeks driving , I’m a casual driver ( just for the season ) I need to leave UPS because I got a job opportunity in my career ( pilot ) I have to move to Arizona in the next 7 days ,I need to leave UPS , but I’m not sure if there is any charges if I leave UPS, or any penalty...
  2. B

    Ups driver helper helppppp

    we don’t get uniforms this year bc last year peak season helpers didn’t return sooo what exactly do I wear they didn’t tell us , help I start tomorrow :sad-very:
  3. sweetUPS

    Hired seasonal worker

    Friend was called in to come to work next week. But not to much information was given. Told her to come in at 8am. She received a phone call a few weeks ago and she asked if she wanted to do driver helper and package handle and she said yes. Curious to know about working two position. Is the...