1. jimmynewton

    Does Indecisi0n comment on every post?

    If so, what happened to his life? Is he okay?
  2. cheryl

    A single dad walked 11 miles to work every day – until his co-workers found out

    A single dad walked 11 miles to work every day – until his co-workers found out - WTVR But his co-workers at a UPS facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, found out. And last week, they decided to make things right. They asked Lewis to come to a brief union meeting. When he showed up, his stoic...
  3. O

    Ups Ibt Calculator not giving me credit for 2017

    Hi I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I worked 2460 hours in 2017 but the pension calculator is giving me no credit for 2017.
  4. Ancient Alien

    UPSer's. BC is a little more forgiving than the job

    I am right on the edge of getting the 'banned' permanent tag. I'm still alive here. I remember the years at UPS a employee would be in hot water and on CC in the center manager office with Steward and DM before start time and he'd come downstairs and wipe his brow and go that was close... almost got fired...
  5. Ancient Alien

    UPSer's, daylight until 5:27pm now

    I always loved when it changed from dark to daylight in the evening. Just a little over a month and it'll be dark after 7pm.
  6. M

    Vacation for TCD drivers

    I am little confused on something here. I am a TCD driver as Instructed was told to fill out my vacation on the driver list which in March will be 2 years with the company. I logged in on my UPSERS site to check on it. Once I logged on I notice it said 40 hours which I figured 20 for one week...
  7. O

    January vacation. ...please read

    For anyone who took the first few weeks of January for vacation. Check your paycheck the company now has the practice of just paying 40 hours and not a 1/52 of your yearly total. And they're claiming they didn't have time to figure out the math. Please spread the word and ask coworkers to check...
  8. T

    Yearly driver raise question

    So I’m coming up on my first year of driving in March, but I started training in the end of January so that is my building seniority date on the sheet. (I had to wait for a route to open up) Do I get my first raise on my building seniority date or my first week driving?
  9. Misthios

    Tuesday through Saturday 6 day work week

    Quick question for all you much more intelligent upsers than myself. Since starting Saturday ground delivery in April of last year we have always had the Tuesday off following a holiday that falls on a Monday. With this week coming up they are stopping that and having us work the regular Tuesday...
  10. Number24

    "View Your Paycheck" Not Working

    Am I the only one who has not been able to access "View Your Paycheck" option? I have not been able to see my pay stub for a few months now and it's pissing me off!
  11. T

    Direct deposit

    How long does it take for new hires to receive their first paycheck direct deposit
  12. Number24


  13. Y

    Can you view your timecard punches on upsers?

    I've seen people say you can but I can't figure out how.
  14. A

    customers asking for crazy discounts

    Wondering if anyone has run into any of their customers asking for off the wall discounts and for any advice
  15. Integrity

    "On Topic" is this ethical?

    To All, Is it ethical for a company to give its employees training, going so far as to having employees even sign papers stating they understand that they are required to follow the methods or training and then have local supervision, management not enforce and/or reinforce the following of the...
  16. M

    Career UPSers, let's talk money

    It may seem counter intuitive, and I live in a high tax state, but as a long term investor and retirement planner, I say screw the college students. Abney supports the House tax reform bill: UPS Commends Senate On Release Of Tax Reform Bill That Will Stimulate Economic Growth USPS reports a...
  17. M

    DOT Physical

    So my card expires later this month, sup told me what urgent care place to go to and what not and said the paperwork i have to print is on Well i went and dug around and the only thing i can find is OSHA respiratory exam, and once filled out it would be 16 pages to print out. Is this...
  18. D

    On Topic: UPS shorted my paycheck

    Good morning! I've been working at UPS for a full week now and I've just seen my first "real" paystub (orientation not included). I worked almost 25 hours (24hr 59 min) last week and only got paid for 20.34, both regular and overtime included. I have proof of this discrepancy but I'm wondering...
  19. H

    The new diad?

    So they are giving us smart phones with an app next?
  20. Salesguy

    Make UPS Great Again! You Can Help...

    Team, Amazon is buying zepelins to become better then us. Now that they shift their focus on wholefoods we should take the opportunity to go out with our great brown army of motivated soldiers to inform new potential customers of something amazings that has been here for decades. its you, its...