1. G

    Hiring freeze and Transformation team members added - On Topic

    Well... we now have a hiring freeze in place for management... effective yesterday ... as well as one of our local HR had to place one supervisor on the transformation team but was required to sign a non-disclosure.... so one could only wonder ....odd timing ... for those that took the " leave /...
  2. G

    Buy out 2019 .... any news

    Anyone hearing anything about another round of buyouts for 2019 - this one including operational management ?
  3. RetiredIE

    VRP Check Arrived!

    My VRP check arrived this morning. It was Driver Released on my DRIVEWAY, but I got it. Not that I have trust issues, but I immediately drove to my bank and deposited it. This whole process was more painful and harder than it should have been. It should have been an exciting, happy time to...