Àttack The "Slacker"

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. MrFedEx

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    It's increasingly evident that FedEx has taken a page from the Herman Cain playbook with a new "Blame Yourself" campaign, aka "Attack The Slacker". Given the current Express environment, where stopping to take a dump will get you on a Gap Report, how does one slack, especially when we have such excellent management? The truth is more of the divide and conquer strategy Fred has used for years, freshened-up to fit the new "crisis".

    When your check and hours are slashed, don't blame your fellow couriers, put the blame where it really belongs... with Memphis and Fred Smith.
  2. bbsam

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    Why not blame the slackers who couldn't be roused to organize when there was still a fighting chance? Slackers.
  3. MrFedEx

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    Different subject. This is a deliberate campaign.
  4. bbsam

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    Yes. And the slackers waged a deliberate non-campaign.
  5. mitchel

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    Im still trying to understand alot of your anger with coworkers, especially swings that do routes when the regular guy is on vacation... I hate to tell you, but yes there are real slackers in the ranks, and they make it hard for the rest of the employees. Not only the ones that have to work around them, but for all employees

    Again, im not talking about you. I dont know you or your work ethics, but i am saying real slackers exist, and i would have no problem if they were weeded out. I am just as unhappy..well, not to your point maybe, but i hate what is happening also.

    I am not drinking the kool-aide, but i am still showing up and just doing my job..what ever the route is that day. And yes i am a swing, and i dont drive or "accidently" do a pup while on lunch.
  6. 59 Dano

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    I'll tell you a really good way to figure out who the slackers are. They get really defensive when they see what a swing did to their routes. They are milking it and they know it.
  7. vantexan

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    I've known couriers who milked big time with the mgr actually kidding them about it. But if he thought I was back 5 min later than I should've been he'd rip into me. And the milking wasn't speculation, I was a swing there. I think most couriers are conscientious, trying to do a good job.
  8. mitchel

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    LOL. in many cases yes. But i will also admit there are some routes i cant come close to matching. Everyone in the stations know who the slackers are, you can only hide it for so long

    Ive been a swing for most of fedex career, its all i know. It would drive me nuts to have the same route everyday, but ive been doing these routes for so many years that i know alot of the regular stops just as well as the guy doing the route..Hell, ive trained alot of them on their routes
  9. HomeDelivery

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    i was going to ask you if the ROADS program is working out...

    as a swing for HD, it works for me when the regular drivers sequenced their areas properly
  10. MrFedEx

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    There aren't many slackers any longer. My point is that FedEx wants to blame a very small group and deflect attention from what is really going on. Naturally, Dano is blaming them, not Fred.