‘A Lot Like Uber’: UPS To Test Drones For Deliveries In Africa

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    ‘A Lot Like Uber’: UPS To Test Drones For Deliveries In Africa - AFK Insider

    United Parcel Service, the world’s largest package delivery company, has partnered with two other companies to test drones for delivering blood transfusions and vaccines in remote parts of Rwanda.

    If all goes well, ordering drone delivery could work a lot like ordering an Uber, one of the partners said.

    Through its UPS Foundation, UPS has committed $800,000 to the project with Zipline, a California robotics company; and Gavi, a Switzerland-based group that works to bring vaccines to children in poor countries, CourierJournal reported.
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    Don't feel like I need to take a pay cut if they feel the need to waste $800,000 on something so stupid.
  3. rod

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    In Africa? That makes me laugh.
  4. rod

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    The whole Africa thing reminds me of this old movie.
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    I think it's great that the company is doing something to help poverty stricken children and adults in remote areas.

    $800,000.00 is not a lot to invest for this outreach IMO. Not for this company.
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    Yet they throw a bitch fit over a little over allowed
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    But, .32 ov X 50,000 drivers after 8.0 hrs of work =s almost -$800,000.00 for the day.

    Adds up quickly.
    Not that bogus #s matter.
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    ..or getting a soda when you pisss. Then Im stealing time, not staying hydrated.