‘Tis the Season for Unwrapping Better Shipping Experiences


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‘Tis the Season for Unwrapping Better Shipping Experiences - UPS Capital

New insights reveal how to stay on the nice list this holiday season

As online shopping continues to accelerate, the 2021 holiday shopping season is expected to break records with forecasts anticipating eCommerce sales to reach between $210 and $280 billion. As SMBs compete with larger retailers, they are recognizing the critical importance of delivering better shipping experiences for their customers.

To help SMBs capitalize on this upcoming holiday season, UPS Capital commissioned research on the current challenges and opportunities SMBs are experiencing with ecommerce. The study aimed to identify ecommerce pain points related to inflation and the COVID-19 resurgence, as well as the impact of ecommerce marketplaces and November deal days on SMB sales. It also looked at how service issues, including delayed and damage packages, impact their customers.