‘Twas the Month of December

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  1. It was the month of December and I, the cover driver was happy.
    To know that soon I will make some money
    and will be out of the hub and into the cold weather.
    December will go by so fast without a care,
    I will get to see all the family hanging lights with laughter and love
    as I sit and think that my house is so glum and bare.
    My wife and kids are so sad to know
    that dad will not soon be there.
    They will get all warm and snug in there bed by nine
    they will ask if dad will be fine
    but he is all cold and wet.
    As they try to sleep, they will cry and weep
    to know that I must be beat
    they missed seeing me once more
    not getting a kiss or hearing I love them
    they do know they can see me only if they wake fast
    as I run out the door like a cold winter snap
    they can sit and have breakfast by themselves without dad.
    It’s hard to be happy
    when your customer are so full of glee
    and give “thank yous” with wishes of a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Its hard for them to hear me reply “you do the same,”
    with my back to them as I run to my truck.
    Only thinking that’s just one stop with more to do and no time for a breaks.
    I know for sure I will be over and will see a warning letter,
    now trying to stay safe and get done for the day.
    It is now Christmas Eve,
    and your still out past three
    seeing people with family laughing for free
    as night falls your family is still waiting for you to get home

    it’s ten til nine, the food smells great,
    your overly hungry,
    the air is so cold and you still have 20 to go,
    my phone will ring, it’s the kids to see what time tonight I might be home
    and to tell you they miss you and good night
    as I hang up the phone, my eyes will fill with tears
    to know that the ones you love will not be full of cheer
    and will go to sleep with much fear.
    To miss Christmas Eve, what is our price?
    Is it worth all the fear,
    The money is nice but the memories are free and can never be repaid.
    As I drive back to the center, it will be empty,
    management has all gone to have a nice family dinner.
    Now in fear of Monday that will come, we will all be unhappy and blue
    to know we all will have write ups and some f-you
    “You should have done better, you know you can, so now get back to work our numbers are what matters.”
    I just don’t care because soon I will be back in the hub with much chatter.
    Now looking back, I see what I missed and what really matters,
    the month of December is long gone
    I missed my wife and 3 little daughters,
    time with them has now been lost,
    a hot winter meal, not one that has been left over to eat by yourself,
    knowing the memories my kids will have that I was not there
    will forever put a scare on my heart,

    and knowing that UPS doesn’t care,
    it sure will leave me in great despair,
    well I guess they can say I was Saint Nick,
    but who really gives a ****
    this is one more Christmas I was not there.
  2. what one is better
  3. 'Twas the month of December, when I, the cover driver was happy,
    To know that I will soon be making money;
    December will go by fast without a care,
    But my wife and children know that I will not soon be there;
    My children will be in there bed by nine,
    And they will ask if dad will be fine;
    But I will be out in the cold and soaking wet,
    Hoping to make my deadlines met,
    When morning starts to appear,
    They hurry to see if dad is still here.
    Out the door I run,
    And I wish them a good day and plenty of fun.
    They sit and have breakfast alone
    Knowing our Christmas celebration will be postponed.
    My customers are so full of glee,
    They wish me a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
    I yell ”You do the same,”
    As my back is turned toward them.
    I run to my truck thinking that’s only one stop,
    with more to do and no time for breaks;
    ”Next stop faster and don’t go over!
    Or you will get a warning letter,”
    Trying to stay safe,
    But its getting late,
    As night falls, I see families laughing for free,
    and I think of my family still waiting for me,
    Its ten til nine, I’m starving,
    And my bones and back are aching
    Cause its getting cold
    but I still have twenty to go.
    My phone will ring and its my children telling me they miss me
    And wondering what time I will be home.
    My eyes will fill with tears,
    Knowing the ones I love will not be full of cheer;
    To miss Christmas Eve,
    ”What did we achieve?”
    The money is nice,
    But my family is my life!
    As I drive back to the center,
    I find management has all left to have a family dinner;
    I fear Monday will come too soon,
    And we will get write ups and some f-you’s;
    They tell you, “You should have done better,
    Now get back to work cause our numbers are what matter.”
    Back to the hub I go after Christmas, with much chatter,
    I look back at what I missed and what really matters;
    I missed time with my wife and children on Christmas Eve,
    A hot meal, not one that has been leftover;
    The memory my children will have because I was not there,
    Will forever put a scare on my heart,
    UPS doesn’t care,
    Leaves me in great despair;
    Well, I guess they can say I was Saint Nick,
    But who will really gives a ****.
    This is one more Christmas, I was not there.

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    Relax, I've been thru 21 peaks and my kids are well adjusted and doing just fine. If you want to drive full time get used to it. Peak and long hours are year round now.