“Incentive Pay”: Where?

59 Dano

I just want to make friends!
Only meds I take are for my heart.

That said, I'm waiting for a large contingency of whiners and complainers in one district to no show and force their hand.

I'm just asking questions directed to the guy that seems to know all of the internal thinking from Shady Grove.

I'm sure they have considered a exigency plan.

Just offer what you think might be an acceptable response that would successfully answer that event.

There is history to consider. I know how they responded in Paris.

There is no satisfactory response Shady Grove can offer. Negotiation is the only alternative., that is the purpose of the RLA, to negotiate labor issues. A national vote would be averted, Fedex would run to the table. Western District is the optimal region for such an employee action.

Tell me I'm full of :poop:.

That is the easy part, explaining how I am, will be the tuff part.

My purpose is to start a brush fire, we know the possible outcome of a small fire in a dry, tinder laden environment.
I write to you specifically, my intended audience is those who may read it. Fact is, My attempt in FedEx discussions in BrownCafe is to be nothing more than a spark.

I hope everyone that reads what I post is sure where my heart and allegiance is, to the rank and file, those that make your paycheck possible. No one doubts your allegiance, it's crystal clear. You miss no opportunity to denigrate those that actually produce the revenue, those that pay your wages.

You can't shame me into silence, that game doesn't work with me. I notice what you will respond to and what you won't.

You are not my audience, you are a tool.


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Hey, Dano, you're kinda cute. In a Down's Syndrome kinda way....

Stay the hell away from Down's Syndrome people. Give them a very wide berth. Put distance between them and you at the earliest convenience.

They are prone to be VERY candid and forward in verbally and physically expressing their sexual desires to the object of their affection.


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Just checked my stub for this upcoming payday part of the Nashville area at a smaller station the premium pay is gone this week but was never told it was going away.