“Starting” wage rate to $15.50 by 2022

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    Is the wording on this literal? I didn’t read into it until just now. The way it is written seem to imply that any employee hired at the 13.00 rate that works 4 years up to 15.50 is still at that years “starting” rate. So if an employee is hired in 2022, they will be at 15.50 also? Or are the contacts always worded that way, while actually implying yearly raises?

    Not that I expect this to pass, but curious on the intent for future reference.

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    Yes, the starting wage goes up which means next years new hires will be making the same hourly wage as 4 years from now's new hires.

    I just like how they claim they eliminated two tier wages and progression, but this is literally the same system as before except now the people in 'progression' get to see the new hires hop up to the same point in 'progression' that they are at.

    Like, whether you think this contract is gold or not, at least call a spade a spade. New hires definitely get the shaft in this contract wage wise compared to existing part timers, the imbalance is still there.
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    minimum wage will be 15 in 2022 also , so for a whole .50 more you can work at ups
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    I know I sounds like am making a joke against the contract but bear with me. I am being humorous and know working for UPS still pay off for me regardless but here goes.....

    Basically, it is like this. They don't have to work for UPS for the pay raise. They can work at McDonald, Burger King, Lowe, FedEx, USPS, etc then come back eventually to work for UPS for the $15.50 an hour without putting time in the company. We, the employee of the UPS / Teamster union members, will work hard to make sure that the new people get a raise without their time in the company.

    If it about the pay rate, they can start working for UPS when the pay rate meets their hourly wage expectation. We can call it the handicap newly hire system. They can get a raise without working for the company.

    Would you like that?
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    So now I’ve read that it’s okay to be on your phone while on the clock, but not on your personal time. And now this.

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    Prove my start time - am a union member, and the company needs worker and its expertise. Go ahead and make my day! I am sure the new hire need every help they get from seniors.
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    You should work at mcdonalds until 2022 then hire on with UPS. win win.
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    Good old trogdor!
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    Coach z and the cheat were always my favorites
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    they predicted @BakerMayfield2018 existence [​IMG]
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    No way he has any idea what we are talking about. :)
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    only question he will be asking in the morning............ [​IMG]
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    Lol ok we should move this to fluff. We are taking this thread over.
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    I like the memes so I'll let that past. :)

    But, in the future, if you have a question about my writing, please ask and I'll clarify.