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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Space8323, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Space8323

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    We just have to love how this all played out. The union sends out the votes for the strike authorization, hypes up the 93% yes. Then rolls out a POS to act as if the company was forced to give us this amazing deal to avoid a strike. When in reality the strike vote changed nothing. An extension has already been granted, and no one truly believes the union would even consider a strike.

    I’m a huge supporter of our union, but this has been a complete failure. I did not complain about the black out on details at all, and would just tell everyone to wait for the contract. I did, it’s no good, and they’re clearly want to force this through no matter how much opposition there is. Very disappointing
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  2. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    What’s all this about a disappointing contract?
  3. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    Yep. And those pusillanimous over at UPS Rising on Facebook will probably never enable user/member comments on its posts again. They’ve sold out and are in hiding from the membership.
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  4. Space8323

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    It’s pitiful that they’re literally blocking out any and all comments about the contract. They’re going to try and force the contracts approval by September 16th. That’s when most locals resume their monthly membership meetings. That meeting is going to be heated either way.
  5. Hroller

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    Can someone post information (link?) so we know exactly when and where to vote "no" on this contract.
  6. mikejonesjr

    mikejonesjr Active Member

    You will be notified by word and mail when the contract is finally able to vote on, no set date yet.
  7. mikejonesjr

    mikejonesjr Active Member

    Last contract barely passed and had around 30,000 no votes. Social media is going to play a bigger factor in this vote than last time so i predict more votes. Their are videos circulating that inform all of the concessions of this proposal and telling to vote no. For example a recent video "why the 2018 ups contract sucks" has already reached 20,000 views in a few days and the overwhelming majority agrees. Gunna be very interesting...
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  8. cachmeifucan

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    We definitely have to get the vote no out at the hoffa building to drive that auto yes vote down and flip those votes are yuge
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  9. I’ve been telling every hourly to vote no for the last 2 weeks. I might even start some graffiti on the broke down trailers that are sitting and rotting in the parking lot.
  10. mikejonesjr

    mikejonesjr Active Member

    My building has some Teamster United flyers lying around saying to vote no and why we got sold short on the contract. The union leader of our local found out was like "huh what throw those out!" They dont want us aware of the concessions. Shouldl print out 100 of those bad boys and set em in the break area.
  11. If this passes, We are screwed
  12. mikejonesjr

    mikejonesjr Active Member

    Exactly, its probably going to be close.. I will tell every uninformed person I can when and why to vote no when the time comes.