1 Year Before Working Saturday?

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    I have been preloading for over six months now. I recently expressed my interest in Saturday Air driving to the center manager. He instructed me to get the license and DOTD physical completed before we could proceed to the driving certification. I have done everything I can on my own; I have the proper license and physical, I am just waiting to be taken on road. It has been four weeks now that I have been trying to get this done. Each day the F/T supervisor apologizes for being to busy to do it that day. He has offered to do it on other days, but unfortunately the days he suggested interfered with my school schedule.

    The new center manager has a good reputation for being a guy who gets things done, so after getting counsel from some drivers, I went talk with him today. When I asked him about it he said that the reason we haven't done it yet is because i must work at least one year with the company before I can go on-road Saturdays. He said that is what the (brand new/inexperienced) HR rep told him.

    When I got off today I did a little research and found that according to article 40 of the master agreement "certified part-time employees" who are interested are to notify management, proceed to be certified, and assuming there is an opening I can be scheduled to work, according to seniority of course.

    I have searched the document some today and can't seem to locate anything about a one year waiting period. Where is this coming from? Perhaps it's a company policy and has nothing to do with the union... Or maybe this is simply a confusion on the HR rep's part?

    Any help would be great guys.

    Thanks in advance.
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