10 days to discipline?

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    10 days to discipline, Is this in the National contract or is this only a regional supplement?

    I was looking at the contract and I cant find where it say they have ten days to issue discipline. The only mention of ten days to discipline in the national contract was after a driver had a accident, 20 days to investigate, 10 days to issue discipline. Does this apply to all infractions or just accidents?

    Maybe its part off your supplement, but its not in mine. In the New England supplement there is no need to send the warning letter certified mail, all they have to do is hand it to you in person with your shop steward there, no mention of how much time to issue discipline.
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    when it comes down to it they make up there own rules on how long they can take, but as far as what u read that is for only accidents
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    It will be in your local rider, every supplement has a section on suspension and discharge. I suspect if you read yours carefully you will find the language you are looking for.

    The central is article 17,

    States:"Tha warning letter. as herein provided, shall be given to the employeee with a copy of said letter to the appropriate local union within ten(10) days of knowledge of said complaint and shall not remain in effect for a period of more than nine(9) months from date of said warning letter.
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    No they don't. Each area has specific rules the company must follow, if they do not, the discipline will be untimely and is null and void.
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    But GRG,

    Does this apply just to the warning letter or does it apply to all the different types of dicipline?
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    File a grievance if the company takes over 10 days to send you a warning letter! I have had warning letters retracted for this technicality.

    Be sure to save the post-marked envelope as proof of when the warning letter was sent
    (in case they have back-dated the warning letter). Photocopy the envelope and attach to the grievance.

    As mentioned above, this doesn't apply to an auto accident, because the company is allowed more time to investigate the accident.
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    All discipline.