10 minutes "inside building" the rest is on road no matter what...

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Few days ago my Sup told me that I cannot put over 10 minutes "inside building" in my diad. I am pretty sure came from his boss. The situation is that the preload is usually not ready and I mean all the preloaders sent home, so when I walk to my truck from pcm I load the packages for about 10-15 minutes. No AM time allowed either. I told him that he sees that I am loading the truck how can that be on road? He said that doesn't matter. I asked my steward, his response was that if I don't make bonus why does it matter if I work by the hour, :) but he does know that it's falsifying records.
    My question is did anybody got this kind of instruction?
    I would appreciate some input. Thanks.
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    Ask him if you can have that in writing. They just told you not the rest of the drivers ???????
  3. I don't know if the rest of the drivers been told this before, because I am new for this center, but the guys next to me they put 10 min even if they are in for 15-20 min loading. That's what the report shows.
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    Many days I have to wrap up my own truck after the PCM also. I just go to other work in the DIAD and record the time as sort/load skilled. I think it is on the second page in other work under the letter S.
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    I get that garbage all the time. Most of the drivers in my center put only ten minutes... some just don't care, some are intimidated by management, and I guess a select few actually leave within that time period (mostly because they skip PCM).

    I refuse to fudge my numbers for the greater good of local management. The times are what they are. If they want you gone in 10 minutes or less, they need to address the actual issues that are keeping you in the building longer; not just cover up the problem by having you falsify your time.

    If they try to threaten/harass/intimidate you about it, call the 800 hotline and inform them that your management team is instructing you to falsify your timecard. It will come to a complete halt almost immediately.

    Now more then ever, management are afraid of losing their jobs. They are being pressured from upper management to meet numbers that are unreasonable. So the quick solution is to falsify or artificially inflate performance, instead of actually investigating and correcting the issues.

    Don’t get caught up in that mess. Don’t do them any favors by cheating the system. I’ve seen way too many management in my area getting fired or demoted due to integrity lately. Push come to shove, they won’t have your back. Just do the right thing and be honest.

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    Because you are allowed 10 minutes inside building time, anything over that goes against the preload and makes the building look bad. Don't falsify your leave building time, it will go against your on road time and will make you look worst on paper. Like it was said before "Make them put it in writing" I bet after that you will not hear another word.
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    Or you can just start leaving exactly 10 minutes after your start time. When your sup gets tired of bringing all the stuff you left on the slide out to you every day he will come up with a different solution.
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    Doesn't anyone else ever put that time in other work?
  9. Jones

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    That's an old bonus driver's trick, and you're definitely not supposed to do that.
  10. Re-Raise

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    If I sort and load why wouldn't I record it? Why is it there?
  11. Jones

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    Well, it used to be that any time you entered in "other work" would boost your planned day by the same amount, whereas sort and load time entered under "inside building" would only boost it according to some formula that was always less than the actual time that was entered. They may have changed that. It almost may be a moot point, at least around here, as I don't think we have an S&L option under "other work" anymore.
  12. Here they said you can't record sort or loading time at all. Probably because it adds up to your plan day.
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    They tell us all the time to properly record our breaks in the board. If I am loading packages I am recording it. It is their problem if the preload doesn't have the packages in my truck.

    I don't see how recording what I am doing on the clock is a bonus driver's trick.
  14. Re-Raise

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    Yeah it adds to your planned day because........ loading your truck adds to your day.
  15. Jones

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    You said you were recording under "other work", rather than under "inside building". That's an old bonus driver's trick because bonus drivers are always looking for little ways to increase their planned day, and entering it under "other work" will boost your plan more than than entering it under "inside building". For that reason we were specifically instructed not to record it that way. If your sup doesn't have a problem with it, then knock yourself out.
  16. Re-Raise

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    Never seen the distinction for other work 'inside' building or 'outside' building in the DIAD.

    I don't care about how it affects my dispatch. Of course if I am sorting and loading before I enter my left building time it is inside the building.
  17. I used to record my 10 min break under "other work" - "paid break" few years ago it showed on the report as 17 clicks of other. Not anymore.
  18. Re-Raise

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    Why not? I do if I take a break other than my lunch.
  19. Jones

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    LOL. Did you ever try putting your lunch in that way :wink2:
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    Tough call. You are stuck between "working as directed" and "falsifying a DIAD entry".
    If you're ballsy, tell your sup you will work as directed, BUT you will also report this to the ethics hotline, as he is telling you to falsify information.
    We need some Integrity here!