10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit Your Job This Year

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by instantK, Jan 8, 2013.

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    10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit Your Job This Year Altucher Confidential

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    Sorry to say it but republicans and the Tea Party are trying to end the middle class. It's sad that we as upser are middle class and it seems like a majority side with republicans and the tea party. The same people who have waged war on workers.
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    If you post a link, it is not necessary to copy and paste the article.
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    A lot of time people don't like clicking links and would rather stay on one page as opposed to having multiple pages open. Others prefer to go directly to the source.
    thanks though.
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    I heard Republicans , when they're not pushing their wheelchair bound grandmother off a cliff, are secretly burning
    American flags.
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    I tend not to read anything over 50 words.
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    I tend to agree with brownmonster on this one !!! But what a great read the header was !!!
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    I need you guys to memorize this 10 point commentary, we have a Brown Cafe audit soon.
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    I am quiting to work on my golf game, need to get that pesky handicap down to about 4
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    I tend to not be concerned with people who are still running Windows 95.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I tend to want to keep my job.
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    I tend to get kinda sorta get liquored up on Friday nights.
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    This article is written by a cubicle-hero for other cubicle-jockeys trying to shake off the yoke of their cubicles.
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    the pub I frequent has poker in the front and liquor in the rear
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    You could always liquor in the front and poker in the rear.
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    And it is against the TOS to do so.

    It is an internet courtesy to not post or allow posts of an entire article, page, etc.

    Most websites have links to the rest of their site, advertising or web page hit measuring that generates revenue for the intellectual property presented on that page.

    The correct step is to provide a link and some lead in verbiage to give the reader the gist of what the link is about.
  17. Just Numbers

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    What does a political movement (Tea Party) that believes in adherence to the U.S. Constitution, reducing U.S. Government spending and taxes, and reduction of the national debt and federal deficit have to do with ending the middle class.
  18. Bubblehead

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    Is that what they stand for, really?
    Next thing you know you'll tell me the Republican Party really care about abortion and gun control.
  19. Just Numbers

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    Just giving a definition from wikipedia.
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    THIS Republican cares very much about abortion and gun control!!!